Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ugly Tasting Tea

Oh What a Load of DO DO.

I usually refrain from going off on a writer; so forgive this outburst.

I saw this article and read it thinking that some Blue Dog Democrats were joining the Tea Party Movement as a type of place to fit in without losing their Democrat status


What I write about today is how cramming too many people into the Tea Party movement tends to spill the tea. Tends to dilute what’s left to the point of being tastless.

Kinda like the infamous “Big Tent” of the Republicans which by the way is now the size of a pup tent.

I was astounded by what I read. The article was written by Susan Haugh an AP Political Writer. That on the face of it tended to set off a tinkle or two of the warning bell system in my head.

I didn’t completely decide the article was a load of crap written by someone well versed in the lingo and customs of the political class and seemingly unaware of what a conservative is and or what the Tea Party stands for, let alone what the Tea Partiers in the majority are against ------ until I read the following. (bold emphasis mine)

-----quote from article—--
{How can the federal government afford all of that?
Mosler espouses a concept often referred to as "Modern Monetary Theory," whereby the federal government really has no intrinsic financial constraints. Every penny of federal spending, he said, involves simply changing numbers in a bank account at the Federal Reserve, the country's central bank.
"There is no such thing as the federal government running out of money, and Social Security and Medicare cannot go bankrupt because the federal government always makes any payment when it's due by simply marking up numbers in our bank accounts," he said.}

Go ahead Susan, actually go to a Tea Party event sometime and ask everybody whether the federal government can run out of money. Ask them if they agree that SS and Medicare cannot go bankrupt.

Amazing insight into the Tea Party movement Susan. You would help the country more by trying to sell that twaddle to the Chinese so they will stop dumping our bonds. Tell them all about the “Modern Monetary Theory”!

After that I expected to see scathing rebukes from conservatives but you quote only that which calls Mosler an “appealing alternative” and a “Pioneer”!!!!!!

An appealing alternative to whom? Ponzi perhaps or maybe Pelosi; and a pioneer of what??? Treading in the realm of whatever the word is that comes after Trillion???
This whole piece is beautifully filled with such well defined clarity that I’m left speechless as to what it means. Like the gem below.

"traditional Democratic ideal" that the economy works best when everyday people take home enough pay to buy the goods and services they produce”

Wow that ranks right up there with “Save the Whale”

Another marker telling me that Susan may not be so well versed in Tea Party Lingo is that she referred to the seat this Mosler might run for she called Dodd’s seat. Sound familiar? Even without knowing much about the Tea Parties if she had paid the least attention to the Scott Brown thing --- she would have not said Dodd’s seat but the Peoples Seat.

What can I say? Well I’ll say that even Republicans know enough to not call themselves Tea Party Republicans, although I do know of one that did. He’s still paying the price. I guess the reason for the quote- “Tea Party leaders” she quoted for saying nice things about the Tea Party Democrats is that they are such a novelty we overlook their obvious flaws, where we take apart a Republican even showing signs of such crudity and otherwise obnoxious behavior.

What can I say? I’m telling you the truth. As a friend of mine alluded to; when your child gets 3 As and 1 B on their report card, we concentrate on the 1 B. When the neighbor kid comes over with 3 Bs and 1 A we congratulate him on the one A. We do that not so much to be nice but because we don’t much care and want him to go away.

Well I guess that sums up my opinion of Tea Party Democrats – just go away. I’m pissed though at the Tea Party Republicans. They should know better.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Symetry and True Heart

True Conservatives are just that, you know what you're getting. They don't get all fadded up LOL. They were here before the Tea Party and I listen. They are

I blogged a long while ago about seeing Dan Burton, Tom Price and William Westmoreland after hours in the House pushing the Drill Hear Drill Now concept. They were alone and seemingly talking to no one but themselves till I realized I was watching them from over 1,000 miles away – so I blogged about it If I heard about it in Muskegon Mi. then so did others.

Back then I was happy that at least someone in Congress gets it.


Dan Burton and Dr. Tom Price have been in the news lately.

Rep. Price was recently on PJTV talking about what the American people need to do to keep affecting change. “Angry enraged and engaged” said House member Tom Price of what he hopes the Tea Party members and the citizenry in general need to do to push back the encroachment of a corrupt overreaching government.


Dan Burton has also been active. He was one of the eight Republicans signing a letter “demanding” the SEC turn over documents which would show whether Goldman Sachs was in collusion with the Administration.


Nice to note that some young blood has joined the veteran Conservatives in Congress that have been fighting Earmarks and true fiscal responsibility. I’m talking here about Aaron Schock of Illinois, Anh “Joseph” Cao of Louisiana and Jason Chaffetz of Utah. These guys are fighters. The Republican Study Committee should really be making noise and getting things done if they can enlist the fire of these guys.


Then again talking of Chaffetz of Utah there is this out today from Newsmax written by David A. Patten.


It is nice to see politicians and grass roots conservative on the same page. The conservatives must feel good about the Republican Party watching their back for a change. In Michigan as probably the rest of the country a hardnosed conservative candidate not only has to keep his eye on the Democrat Party but the Republicans too.

But it sure is nice to watch the goings on in Utah and it inspires me in this Midwestern state. Reading the article, the caucus system is way different than the primary system we have in Michigan. But kudos to them anyway. We’ll just come up with a different in Michigan.

Then again some deserve the Flying Fickle award. (to be nice)

Just remember what the Tea Party did in Mass. It sure would be nice if Scott Brown would. Well if he keeps it up, his future will be written in Tea Party leaves.


The main thing Tea Party people should learn, and I know I did; pick a GOOD candidate, do the research. Being Angry led us to being Enraged and now that we are Engaging we are learning. This freedom stuff is hard work.

But like the song says, “We won’t be fooled again”, at least not as easily and we are learning that what we do can be undone; and as with Health Care whatever is done can be undone.

Let the sleeping bear roar.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Mountain out of a Mole Hill

Making a Mountain out of a Mole Hill

Well I guess that is the definition of what volcanoes do. (LOL)

Well we had a doosey and on the ground the scientific experts are doing their best at making a mountain of trouble and fear out of a mole hill.

Trusting Our Experts ????

As we all know there was a huge volcanic eruption in Iceland and the Euro scientific experts came together and banned the airways to flight.

With experts, common sense never prevails.

The whole computer modeling method is as flawed as the human computers (the human brain) that enter the data. Take any idea or theory you want and with the right human computer imputing the right data into the brain that is sitting on his lap and you can prove or disprove anything.

The article below from the Financial Times – Brussels talks of the fear mongering made possible with the right data entry or enterer.


Talking of how these mistakes get made the article talks of how…..” many of the assumptions in the computer models were not backed by scientific evidence.”

This sounds all too familiar. The whole email thing about global warming and shoddy data entry. Seems a lot of computer models have been imputed with assumptions based on Political Correctness instead of straight fact.

If I entered into a computer model the main assumption that jet engines do not run well when submerged in water, it would be easy to allow the parameters to be loose enough to ban all flights in rainy weather if there was a driving PC mentality against rain or wet planes.

Bad analogy but all of us have seen these flawed predictions over the years. Aspirin is good for you – oops now it is bad.

Now I must add another thing highly paid bureaucratic experts are good at and that is feathering their own nests.


Not to mention the monies the likes of Al Gore have raked in with flawed computer model. Hockey anyone.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative