Saturday, April 17, 2010

"We'll fix the car our Damned selves"

Well known political conservative activist Richard Viguerie said the following at a Tea Party in Culpepper Va.

“A tsunami wave is coming,” he said. “When that wave comes in and sweeps the Democrats out in November and all we have are big-government Republicans who’ve been nominated, we have wasted the opportunity of a lifetime.”

…………We need everybody to stay involved.”

He was saying that if we don’t pay attention to the primaries and elect conservative candidates we will lose the opportunity of a lifetime. He is stressing the primaries as the surest way to start to change the power structure in Washington. He is absolutely right.

I would add to that when he says “We need everybody to stay involved;” I would add that even after the primary and the general election we need to keep the elected official's feet to the fire. We need to keep our voices loud -- keep the pressure up.

One of the unifying efforts on a national scale for us will be the idea of “Repeal the Bill” as Linda Bachman recently said at a Rally, ("in 2013 we will “Repeal the Bill”."

That is the big picture we need to unite us. There will be plenty of current things to help motivate us and give us smaller battles to fight like cap n trade, or card check etc, but we should keep focused on one thing around which all else is ancillary. “Repeal the Bill” and all it entails.

Let me sketch out the timeline and what needs to happen for that to actually take place.

Looking down the road for the end result of all this Tea Party energy, Bachman knew what needed to happen to “Repeal the Bill”. She was referring to the idea that we need to keep the pressure up in order to get our candidates onto the ballot through the primaries, then more pressure to get them into office taking back the US House in the general election of 2010, then increasing the pressure to secure the Senate and the Presidency in 2012.

Then exerting all the continual pressure we can manage to keep the new leadership from going the way it went after the last time Republicans claiming to be Conservatives took control. Keep pushing them to actually start repealing not only this Health Care Bill but the framework that holds up this perverted insatiable monstrosity we call Government.

Using my favorite analogy. When our car was broke we took it to a garage. When they gave it back in worse shape like the Republicans did after we trusted them in 1994, we then shopped around and as a country took it to another garage and this one was owned by the Democrats and they have already started stripping it, taking the tires and radio etc.

As we wonder what we are to do now; the really sad thing a lot of us have been finding out about the two garages is that they are owned by the same company (GM) and the government now owns them.

Our choices along with our freedoms are disappearing faster than we can keep track of. Late at night on the weekends and behind closed doors.

So when leaders of either party hear the cry “Throw all the bums out” they would do well to get to work on doing what we are paying them to do and fix our damn car.
So like John Lennon said “So ya say ya want a revolution , well ya know , we all want to change your head”. Bottom line difference between then and now is that we need to change our own heads and understand it is up to us to do the “ever vigilant thing” and demand our elected officials do what we and not special interests tell them.

Maxine Waters in justifying real violence as in the LA riots where 57 people died said that;

“Riots are the voice of the unheard” and again,

"I'm not asking people not to be angry. . . . I have a right to be angry."

Now with the shoe on the other foot she should heed her own words when criticizing Tea Party protesters sitting in lawn chairs holding signs and not say the following.
"The Tea Party emerges as not only outrageous, but they have turned up the volume in ways that even Code Pink have not been able to do”

All I can say to that is “Hey Maxine give us our car back – we’ll fix it our damn selves”