Friday, June 5, 2009

Enough is Enough

John Boehner is and has been fighting back since Newt stirred things up during the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” days. Representative Boehner is the minority leader of the US House. I think he has grown into the leadership role. Finally I feel good about at least part of the leadership of the Republican Party.

My last blog (NUTS), was about Rep. Boehner and how he was standing up against the new $108 billion bailout of the IMF that the Dems were trying to add as an earmark to the war funding bill. The Minority Leader threw the gauntlet down by saying. “The American people don’t support it, and Republicans won’t vote for it.” The Dems were hoping to get this bill through this week. The Republicans were willing until as I point out in “NUTS” the Dems started cutting the amount the Pentagon was getting then came up with this $108 Billion bank bailout, unrelated to troop funding whatsoever.

Apparently enough Democrats along with the Republicans have decided their priorities should lie with our troops rather than try to keep President Obama’s promise at the G8. An earlier version of this bill passed overwhelmingly 368-60 in the House.

Since this $108 Billion Earmark was added the bipartisan support has evaporated and some Dems are jumping ship. As Boehner said earlier; “Republicans believe the IMF funding should be judged on its own merits and in its own legislation – not as part of an essential measure meant to fund men and women in harm’s way. Haven’t Democrats learned a lesson from their failed exploits on past troop funding bills, when they have attempted to lard up the legislation with billions upon billions in unrelated spending? The American people don’t support it, and Republicans won’t vote for it.”

Now Minority Leader Boehner has released another “Leader Alert”


In this latest “Leader Alert” Rep. Boehner says the following. “We face the very real possibility that some of the world’s worst regimes will benefit from the additional resources provided to the IMF, World Bank and other international institutions, unless the U.S. works vigilantly to deny this assistance.”

So during a time when we are realizing that the amount of spending coming out of Washington is unsustainable. When we see that taxes will have to be raised to pay for this and that our children’s taxes will have to be raised due to the Trillion dollar deficits we are leaving them; the gall of President Obama to make promises that we can’t keep to other countries is astonishing.

Our troops need help in Iraq and Afghanistan now. Delaying and minimizing that help for the above reasons is simply wrong. Like John Boehner said. "Americans Aren't Buying This. And I Tell You What: Republicans in the House Aren't Going to Buy It Either”

I would like to add also that it’s time for Americans to stand up for the leaders with the guts to say “NUTS”.

We can start by saying “Enough is Enough”.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. If you want to get involved more, see my post at “Bottom Up Politics

pps. If you would like John Boehner's "Leader Alerts" emailed to you here is the link. Check mark press releases.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


“The American people don’t support it, and Republicans won’t vote for it.”

That is what House Minority Leader John Boehner said of the war funding bill he formerly was ready to support, after he had a chance to see what the House Democrat leaders had recently added.

That addition was a $100 billion bailout for the International Monetary Fund. (foreign banks) I could not find any oversight attached either. Gee another multibillion dollar bank bailout and this time for foreign banks. I guess they learned their lesson well. Even though the public was opposed to the US bank bailout it didn’t matter; our leaders in Congress passed it anyway. So why not try it again?

At least Boehner stood up and said. “The American people don’t support it, and Republicans won’t vote for it.” See link below. I give credit where credit is due.


This is supposed to be a war funding bill. The addition of $108 billion for a bailout of foreign banks while at the same time cutting out some of the Pentagon’s portion of the bill seems ludicrous.

I’m glad to see Boehner standing up for common sense. He claims that the unrelated moneys asked for, (the IMF bailout) should be voted on by itself. What a radical idea. The attempt of the Democrats to slip this into a war funding bill seems obviously based on the assumption that even Dems would not want to be caught voting for another bank bailout bill; especially for foreign banks. Remember, we still have elections in the good ole US of A.

By the way this is from the Candidate that said he would cut the deficit in half. But hey what the heck we’ve got time; let’s work on our second trillion dollars of deficit. That way we only have to get it back down to a trillion to keep the promise. Then when the Republicans filibuster our plans to gut the military to do that, they can be blamed. Besides by then we can sell GM to the Chinese and break even.

You think GM won’t be worth much by then. Think again. For the good of the Union Workers and all of the people dependent upon GM’s success, it would only be fair to give a $20,000 tax break to buy a Chevy.

No stop the presses, that would cut down the tax income stream. Perhaps we could put a luxury tax on buying a car from a Private Co. like Ford. I like the number 20 so how about a 20% luxury tax on that? They are in business after all for PROFIT. They don’t care for the common good. What does Henry Ford know of the plight of the common person? Yeah I know he's dead but we're going to hang this all on Bush anyway ao it kinda makes sense. Besides what have they done to help the needy.

With this new idea we can give them the chance to step up to the plate. Maybe we'll call it the “Freedom to Save the World” tax. Well save somebody’s ass anyway. lol

Parody aside.

Go ahead Mr. Boehner, keep jousting at windmills. The “Writing on the Wall” is still just graffiti to me. I’m old enough to still root for the underdog. Consensus be damned. Consensus said the tech bubble wouldn’t burst, the housing bubble was indefinite, and a community organizer from Chicago couldn’t become President.

An American once when faced with overwhelming odds, simply gritted his teeth and said “NUTS”

For the time being this is still the home of the brave. Welcome Home John.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Above the Law

What on earth is wrong with the British.

Government officials, Department heads, and the Prime himself are in trouble over what? Why such an uproar over such minor things; a little fudging on their expense accounts. Such nonsense, these are bright upstanding Liberal leaders who in their heart have what is best for the poor downtrodden masses. That after all is the important thing. These people have leadership positions in the party of the people they should be allowed some perks. Besides,the Conservative party must be at fault, in America we would call it Swift Boating or smear tactics or hate speech, bordering on fear tactics.

See link below for a short list of some of the financial shenanigans by the British Liberal leaders.


The rule of law; what is that? The law after all is a living thing like the constitution, it can be changed. There need be no moral underpinning. We in America have learned that for the common good, laws we think are unfair can be changed and better yet just legally sidestepped or plain ignored. Rank has its privileges after all here in America. We have evolved to a higher plane in the colonies.

Take Jack Murtha, Anyone please! Bitta Bing, Bitta Bang, Bitta Boom.

Sorry for the ”wise guy” humor but I just got done listening to the whole ABSCAM video of Murtha saying how important he was, how careful he was doing “business”, how he sat on the ethics committee, how he could get anything done. He talked about waivers for environmental regulations, about how careful he was because he planned on spending another 20 years in Congress. Well he got his way, and then some. Anyway forgive me I kinda got in the Wise Guy mode. Forget about it.

-----link to ABSCAM Murtha tape-------

That was close to 30 years ago and Pelosi is trying to still cover for him, and herself too? Just think about it.

-----link to Flake------

This article is from May 14th. The article is all about the Democrat leadership threatening junior Democrat members not to vote for the Jeff Flake’s call for an ethics investigation into Jack Murtha.

-----quote from article------
“Don’t be a Flake.”

That was the subject line of an e-mail that staffers for first- and second-term Democrats received Tuesday from Rep. Chris Van Hollen, assistant to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The message said that Democrats would once again be “voting to table another Flake resolution” — and it made clear that leadership would have its eyes on any Democrats even thinking about defecting.

If you read the article, it shows that what caused the Leadership warnings to the Young Democrats was that the Flake call for an investigation was gaining votes from the Younger Dems. There were 29 Dems at last count voting for the investigation. Why would the Young Turk Dems be voting against their leadership? Below is another snippet from the article.

New Hampshire Rep. Paul Hodes — one of the first Democrats to back Flake’s resolutions — said more junior lawmakers are more inclined to support a beefed-up ethics committee and broader ethics reforms.

“Having not been in Congress a long time, it may be easier for the younger members, the more junior members, to push for these reforms than it may be for more established members,” he said this week.

Gee I wonder why?

I guess the Brits have a long way to go to really understand what it takes to be above the law. I guess they have a longer tradition to overcome. As our non profit grant writing industry would say, the Brits lack “sustainability” in their efforts; they need to work on their infrastructure to be able to sustain higher levels of legalized corruption. They have things to learn from their American cousins.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Ones From the Washington Post

Ron Kessler writing at Newsmax has finally voiced what we on the Right of center always knew; the truth sells. Below is a link to his article.


The article makes the point that (in my words), the “Pursuit of Truth” sells. What is really selling though are the tools that enable individual free choice to flourish. People not only are smart enough to choose for themselves---They WANT to. They feel better about themselves; they enjoy the power it gives them over their lives.

That’s a good thing. Our country was founded on it.

Both sides to a story presented fairly so people can decide for themselves is what will sell.

Fox news has made that abundantly clear. While they are slanted right of center; in the mass media, they are the only large voice that is. People have flocked to Fox just to hear the other side. Believe me they already have the other side ad nausea.

The Newsmax article about the change at the Washington Post tells me that others are beginning to understand the difference between journalism and propaganda.
If you wonder why the liberals are attacking free enterprise and capitalism, I’m here to tell you that free enterprise is the last bastion of free choice the American people have to pick and choose what they want. To decide for themselves. All of the things I hear about, coming from the left have to do with taking away the tools people need to hear both sides.

There is a corollary to that, the freer we make capitalism the more power the people will have to freely choose. Just as an experiment, think of replacing the IRS with a national sales tax. I know, but forget about the objections for this experiment. Try to think of the power that would give to individual people. Everyone would have some skin in the game. The politicians would not decide who pays what tax and who doesn’t. In effect, the more you buy the more tax you pay. Just a thought.

The media is where the Right has to make inroads. Breitbart has the right idea; we must work at taking our ideas and beliefs and translating them into movies and pop culture.

I swear some conservatives’ glory in their “unpopular”-- “underdog” status; but we can only get popular (effective) if we get our ideas into the main stream media.

Sure we got to keep busting their balls, but now that they are breaking I salute Ms Weymouth for trying to create some new ones for us.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, June 1, 2009

Regulation? You Betcha

Below is a link I got from Apackof2 who got it from Grassroots in Nebraska. BTW the Nebraska site is worth taking a look at; another group coming up with their own “Bottom Up” Approach. I read something about the difficulty in making an organization with the fewest rules possible and still function. The Constitution tried. They are trying. The effort is the key. The organization is the necessary evil. An evil to be ever vigil over.


Ronald Reagan is a young man in this and speaking out loud and hard about the evils of socialism. Back then he was saying what we are saying now except we lack the hardness. Socialized medicine is bad, socialized anything is bad. The great thing about this audio is that he actually states the tactics used by the socialists and how to fight it; how to fight the claim that conservatives are greedy and uncaring. The incrementalism employed by the liberals back then is glaring in hindsight.

I’ve blogged before about the need for enabling legislation, as Reagan called it the foot in the door approach. When the Liberals first come hat in hand crying about saving people and all they want is a few crumbs, and whine, why can’t we just do this or that small thing? Look out. Look back 50 years and see what that small thing has turned into.

I would like to pass some Conservative enabling legislation of my own. How about a law that punishes government agencies from spending more than they are budgeted? We should learn to pull at the heart and purse strings of the American people.

Should we not punish those in government who spend more or our tax money than we ask them too. Have they not been hired by us to be a careful Sheppard of our money? Should we not fire them if they are un-cautious with it? Could not that money be spent helping other needy people in ways of our own choosing not theirs?

If the County Health Department spends $5,000 dollars over budget, this enabling legislation would deduct $5,000 from next their budget next year. This legislation would also stipulate that an Agency could not get an increase in their budget for whatever purpose, unless it had at least one year clean of over spending. Think that might stir some cost cutting? Some efficiency studies?

That is a simple message we all understand. We are asking government to do what its citizens do day in and day out. We are the same people they are demanding more money from because they cannot control their greed. “We the People” struggle over which we want more and which we want less to do, everyday. Should our son OR our daughter get a new spring jacket? Which of our family needs to sacrifice for the family today? But we Americans don’t call it sacrifice, we call it helping out. We do this freely and take pride in it. It strengthens us. Isn’t it time for the government bureaucrat to learn from us?

Instead of greedily trying to shame us into giving them a higher standard of living; perhaps it is they who need to show some respect. Greed has become institutionalized, the status quo.

To fund this greed they turn around and accuse the citizens of being greedy because we don’t want to pay ever increasing taxes. It has gotten to the point now when our choice is not about spring jackets, but about winter coats, and how much more to go without so we can keep the heat up high enough to keep the pipes from freezing. Is this because Americans are getting greedier and greedier? Is this happening because “We the People” are losing our generosity? Or is it to line the pockets of T Bone and Algore?

Perhaps government needs to learn how to become less greedy, how to make do with what they have. Perhaps it is time for “We the People” to tell the government to make better use of the coats, jackets, food, and creature comforts that “We the People” go without so they won’t have to. We do not need new government programs to teach us how to better go without. We are not the ones who need the “schooling”! We need programs to show the government how to go without ---- OUR money. Our winter coats, our pursuit of happiness. Time to start regulating.

If they can’t control themselves, then “We the People” are becoming more than willing to set up our own set of regulations on the government. The enabling legislation above is the first step. It’s getting time for us to confiscate through regulations our own money.

I would like my kids when they’re 60 to look back and see how “We the People” incrementalized the hell out of bureaucracy, how we regulated them to death, and have them wonder why it took so long for their parents and grandparents to see the obvious.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Come to think of it there is one big regulation we could dust off. A piece of enabling legislation everyone almost has entirely forgot about. The U.S. Constitution.