Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Ones From the Washington Post

Ron Kessler writing at Newsmax has finally voiced what we on the Right of center always knew; the truth sells. Below is a link to his article.


The article makes the point that (in my words), the “Pursuit of Truth” sells. What is really selling though are the tools that enable individual free choice to flourish. People not only are smart enough to choose for themselves---They WANT to. They feel better about themselves; they enjoy the power it gives them over their lives.

That’s a good thing. Our country was founded on it.

Both sides to a story presented fairly so people can decide for themselves is what will sell.

Fox news has made that abundantly clear. While they are slanted right of center; in the mass media, they are the only large voice that is. People have flocked to Fox just to hear the other side. Believe me they already have the other side ad nausea.

The Newsmax article about the change at the Washington Post tells me that others are beginning to understand the difference between journalism and propaganda.
If you wonder why the liberals are attacking free enterprise and capitalism, I’m here to tell you that free enterprise is the last bastion of free choice the American people have to pick and choose what they want. To decide for themselves. All of the things I hear about, coming from the left have to do with taking away the tools people need to hear both sides.

There is a corollary to that, the freer we make capitalism the more power the people will have to freely choose. Just as an experiment, think of replacing the IRS with a national sales tax. I know, but forget about the objections for this experiment. Try to think of the power that would give to individual people. Everyone would have some skin in the game. The politicians would not decide who pays what tax and who doesn’t. In effect, the more you buy the more tax you pay. Just a thought.

The media is where the Right has to make inroads. Breitbart has the right idea; we must work at taking our ideas and beliefs and translating them into movies and pop culture.

I swear some conservatives’ glory in their “unpopular”-- “underdog” status; but we can only get popular (effective) if we get our ideas into the main stream media.

Sure we got to keep busting their balls, but now that they are breaking I salute Ms Weymouth for trying to create some new ones for us.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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