Thursday, June 4, 2009


“The American people don’t support it, and Republicans won’t vote for it.”

That is what House Minority Leader John Boehner said of the war funding bill he formerly was ready to support, after he had a chance to see what the House Democrat leaders had recently added.

That addition was a $100 billion bailout for the International Monetary Fund. (foreign banks) I could not find any oversight attached either. Gee another multibillion dollar bank bailout and this time for foreign banks. I guess they learned their lesson well. Even though the public was opposed to the US bank bailout it didn’t matter; our leaders in Congress passed it anyway. So why not try it again?

At least Boehner stood up and said. “The American people don’t support it, and Republicans won’t vote for it.” See link below. I give credit where credit is due.


This is supposed to be a war funding bill. The addition of $108 billion for a bailout of foreign banks while at the same time cutting out some of the Pentagon’s portion of the bill seems ludicrous.

I’m glad to see Boehner standing up for common sense. He claims that the unrelated moneys asked for, (the IMF bailout) should be voted on by itself. What a radical idea. The attempt of the Democrats to slip this into a war funding bill seems obviously based on the assumption that even Dems would not want to be caught voting for another bank bailout bill; especially for foreign banks. Remember, we still have elections in the good ole US of A.

By the way this is from the Candidate that said he would cut the deficit in half. But hey what the heck we’ve got time; let’s work on our second trillion dollars of deficit. That way we only have to get it back down to a trillion to keep the promise. Then when the Republicans filibuster our plans to gut the military to do that, they can be blamed. Besides by then we can sell GM to the Chinese and break even.

You think GM won’t be worth much by then. Think again. For the good of the Union Workers and all of the people dependent upon GM’s success, it would only be fair to give a $20,000 tax break to buy a Chevy.

No stop the presses, that would cut down the tax income stream. Perhaps we could put a luxury tax on buying a car from a Private Co. like Ford. I like the number 20 so how about a 20% luxury tax on that? They are in business after all for PROFIT. They don’t care for the common good. What does Henry Ford know of the plight of the common person? Yeah I know he's dead but we're going to hang this all on Bush anyway ao it kinda makes sense. Besides what have they done to help the needy.

With this new idea we can give them the chance to step up to the plate. Maybe we'll call it the “Freedom to Save the World” tax. Well save somebody’s ass anyway. lol

Parody aside.

Go ahead Mr. Boehner, keep jousting at windmills. The “Writing on the Wall” is still just graffiti to me. I’m old enough to still root for the underdog. Consensus be damned. Consensus said the tech bubble wouldn’t burst, the housing bubble was indefinite, and a community organizer from Chicago couldn’t become President.

An American once when faced with overwhelming odds, simply gritted his teeth and said “NUTS”

For the time being this is still the home of the brave. Welcome Home John.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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