Monday, January 12, 2009

The Country We Think We Are

Star Parker in an article written 12/15/08 titled “Republicans Need To Get Back To Business”, laid out a reasonable argument.
In my book, a well written article should be able to crystallize my assorted thoughts on a subject. It should add clarity out of the gibberish my mind formulates. Star’s article does that.

Star Parker’s article talks about getting the party out of attack mode and into creating a message, cause or platform mode. Not changing brands, not ignoring it’s roots; but rather going back to them.

I remember the 1950’s vaguely at best. But I do remember the growth of the middle class. I remember my dad saying and teaching me that I could do anything I wanted. That I had the right to do that as long as I didn’t directly harm anyone else. I bring this up because we as a country have gotten away from that. Is it possible to get back? Do we really want to get back?

Ms. Parker makes a case for trying to sell our business model to the minorities. From my experience in the building trades and from what I see in the lower class neighborhood in which I live. It is the newest and least empowered minorities that are clinging onto the conservative values to help them get a foothold in our society.

I have seen minorities and myself, who when trying to get ahead without government help are being forced to go under the radar of the government to do things I was brought up thinking I had a right to do. I realize that I still have that right but sometimes I can’t afford the legal right I’d have to pay to use it.

In the building trades for example there is widespread dislike and hatred for Mexican workers. Whether legal or illegal citizenship status really seems to have nothing to do with it. I could make a case for not only Mexican workers having the old “Work Ethic” but also that this is a class type of thing. I work harder to earn my food if none is available without working.

I also see the same in the family values of the poor. It is strongest when it is all we have. The family throughout history have been the building block of civilization. The family that survives in lower financial classes is grateful for itself and it sees all the benefits that can come from the family. It is too bad that this “family structure” is forced to fly under the radar too. Forced to operate illegally out of rental units.

Increased reliance upon the government supplying the needs that the family used to has decimated the family. However it is my idea that what is left is stronger than ever. I also believe that there is a latent knowledge that the old ideas of “individual Freedom” work. The “Aunties” and Grandmothers though single that help raise an extended family know the meaning of work to support the family.

Parker’s article brings to light the idea that we as Republicans need to show that we truly believe in the message of traditional values, free enterprise and strong national defense, and limited government. We need to show by all of our action, how free enterprise and limited government can help people. How traditional values are the lynch pin that creates an atmosphere in society that rewards good work and helps rebuild our confidence in our abilities to survive and the freedom to pursue our happiness as we define it, in ways we so choose.

Do we all have to be poor to see and use and value this freedom. I think not. As this country is going broke we may find out anyway. But I hope not. I think this is the best time we as Republicans have to show case our ideas in concrete actions. Especially at the lower levels of government where ideological principles matter less than whether something works or not. I think we need to keep these freedoms open to all if we are to continue to be the country we think we are.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. Star Parker’s wrote latest article linked below later. It helps explain some of her thinking.