Friday, March 20, 2009

Hoekstra Catches a Surge.!!!

Hoekstra Surges in Latest Poll

The Race for the Republican nomination for Michigan Governor is heating up. Well known and respected Congressman Pete Hoekstra pulled into a tie with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. Hoekstra had previously been in second down 3% points. This in the space of a week.


This primary race is getting really exciting. Republicans have some really talented people running along with some proven vote getters. Terri Lynn Land and Mike Cox have won and currently hold State wide office as Secretary of State, and Attorney General respectively. Mike Cox was holding at 3rd place.

As the article points out there are two “non politicians” showing interest in running. Perhaps I should say “non professional politicians” They seem to come from opposing wings of the Party. I would put self described “Moderate” newcomer Rick Snyder in the liberal wing of the party. Nick at Right Michigan gave us the heads up on this.


Newcomer Dave Brandon CEO of Dominoes I would not classify as moderate however I don’t know enough about him to put him any place else other than younger and exciting. I get the exciting from the fact that he put out the recent add for dominoes. Nick’s Right Michigan again is the first place I read about the Bandon ad and candidacy.


(edit)3/20/09 4:45pm. After reading Daily Kos, I will put Brandon in the Conservative collum. Ya think?


Thanks for firing me up with your smear tactics DK
(end edit)

This primary season looks like fun to me. Gee maybe we’ll get free pizza! Well maybe not. But like the ad says or at least implies that is the kind of bail out we can understand and appreciate. Also one our government can afford.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Asserting Our Beliefs

Below is a link from Politico talking about a difference of opinion Boehner and Cantor have. I’m not interested in the point of the article. I show this link simply to point out the constant behind the scenes effort the Dems are making at the local level.


In the quote below from the article, we see that a phone bank system of calling voters is being put in play through the network the Dems set up during the previous election.

-----quote from article-----
Meanwhile, an outside group targeting Republicans called constituents in a handful of GOP districts to warn them that their congressman was opposing legislation to recoup the bonuses because Cantor’s wife works for a bank that receives TARP funds

If my County Republican Party got a call from an outside group we sympathize with asking us to have our volunteers call our voter list with the phone banks we had set up during the last election; well we would have to ask what volunteers? What List? Where do we keep it? Phone Bank? Who’s paying?

While this may be a bit harsh it isn’t far from the truth. I’m sure County party is not alone in its lack of a volunteer base. I don’t point this out from spite, only a desire to try to change it. I also point this out when I see the Political Machine we are facing.


Mike Allen writing in Politico, points this out really well. This is a long 3 page read, but if you want to get a feeling of what Republicans are up against, then your time will be well spent reading the article.

We are being demonized as the party of No. What are we doing about it? We are scurrying around in all different directions trying to disprove it. The majority of American people think that Obama has gone too far; so why are we trying not to say no? We should change our image of a party that says no to a party that says HELL NO.

We should be gathering together voters who also don’t like what they see; voters who in one way or other are saying No to government. Or Enough is Enough! We did it before, the Dems did it to take down Bush. We can do it the way they did it. They first listened to the public outcry. Then they in small numbers started networking on the internet. Then some big money like Soros came in making expansion possible. We have had both the grass roots in the past and the money to back it. We are learning the technology.

These are all good things. As the Obama machine becomes more “top down”, the people on the bottom will start to realize that the organization is really not for them but for the Machine. They will feel expendable. They will start to lose interest. If we can get behind some core ideas will have the advantage of being more flexable and quicker to jump on things. IE take the offensive.

Examples are out there. The conservatives flexed some muscles and started networking on the Oil drilling thing. Newt came up with the slogan after listening to the unrest of the public over $4 a gallon gas prices. Spontaneous demonstrations came about. Little ones yes, but a lot of them. They were self directed and self run. These helped form the Republican answer to the offshore drilling ban and the whole idea that producing more oil was bad. We said Hell No, our party listened, Boehner and McConnell and the candidates took up the call. We had 1.5 million email signatures.

That was a bottom up type of thing. The Party did listen and for a change didn’t get in the way. We won that battle.

Now there have been literally hundreds of protests and all sorts of spontaneous networking of which this blog is trying to be a part of; all about the Bailout money. This latest eruption of unrest, has been these “Tea Party” protests which are not only about the way the bailout money is being spent. More than that they are about the different ways people see that the government is becoming all powerful at the expense of personal freedom. Go to the next one on April 15th nearest to you and read the different signs. They have one thing in common. Government is too big when they can take the money we make at will. The government is getting out of controll. We who fund it want more of a say in how it is spent.

The main fear is that this sacrifice of individual freedom is not for any real reason other than to increase government. People are not stupid. Nor are they non caring. When told that the problems of the world will be solved with their constant sacrifice, we did. In wars we gave lives, in peace we set up all the entitlement programs. Now as we look back at the last 60 years we wonder why those same problems haven’t gotten fixed yet. Now for a change we are starting to ask the right questions. What sacrifices have the beneficiaries of this largess (the government) made.

We give more and more money to education, are our students learning more? Is crime going down? Do we feel safer in our neighborhoods? Is this because we are not making enough financial sacrifices already? No. Hell NO. It is because the sacrifices we make are being wasted on ever increasing government for its own sake.

Are we left with a better life style? Do we have more money in our pocket? Are our jobs more secure? The only people that can answer yes to those last three are government employees.

Time to start gettin involved. Email or call your local party, demand that they find something for you to do. Shake them up, start doing something. Call, email friends.

Remember for success to happen it is not just the local party apparatus, but it is our own actions that determine the shape of that party.

If we claim that we are in the party of "Individual Freedom" then perhaps we should start to assert some of that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bennefit of Stubborness. The Cost of Unity.

The Bennefit of Stubborness. The Cost of Unity. The same thing?

The Democrat party hierarchy is trying to pin the Obstructionist label on the Republicans. In the Senate the Republicans were able to band together with enough Democrats to stop the Democrat Leaderships attempt to not allow debate on the Omnibus Bill.

Though this only slowed the Liberal deficit tsunami for five days, the die was cast. The cracks in the Dam were widening.

I guess Pelosi too learned her lesson and stopped short this time from having Reid turn off the lights in the Senate as she so infamously did during the “Drill Hear, Drill Now” domestic oil debate or debacle. Instead, the Democrat leadership through the well documented coordination of the Administration immediately sent out the attack dogs. That was of course after she had a hissey fit with Sen. Reid behind closed doors.

The following quote comes from a CBS news article
That led to an “ugly” late-night, closed-door meeting between Reid, Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) - aides in the hall heard yelling and swearing - and it has fanned House Democrats’ anger over Reid’s inability to move bills without granting major concessions to marginal members of both parties
Link below to the quote

(Rahm Rahm ree, kick em in the knee; Rahm Rahm rass, kick em in the other knee)

All of this time and effort by the Liberal Leadership to stifle debate is being done in the name of "Unity" and the "Common Good". People are beginning to wonder if the "Common Good" may be better served if all those efforts were being directed to the real problems we face.

Through the obstructionism of the Republicans under the House Leadership of John Boehner, Cantor and Price the gauntlet was literally thrown down. (See video clips on the top of my side bar). Although the bill passed through the House, the cracks caused by Boehner’s mighty gauntlet were starting to open up. The Senate Republicans with the help of some Democrats was able to turn back the effort to stop debate of the bill. The threat of cloture was defeated by the narrowest of margins. One vote. While that merely caused a delay, the divisions within the Senate were then being given the room they needed to at least debate within themselves.

Senators now from both parties are being allowed to do their job. They are at least being given a chance to read the bill. Some are not liking what they see. Some don't like the Administration's math.

Because of this, the public as well as the Senators are getting a better chance to see what is actually in this bill before it becomes law and not after. What a novel concept. All of those things that everybody campaigned for like Transparency in government, Earmarks, wasteful spending now have more of a chance to come into play.

Most importantly through a public debate the people of this country will have a chance to participate through their representatives. The benefit of Obstructionism in this case is the empowerment of individual freedom. The benefit of that Individual Freedom is to allow open debate of the issues which will create a better bill which will be a real benefit to the "Common Good".

While I realize that there will be little debate because of Cloture, there will be and has been far more “public” debate than what was anticipated. So forgive me for sounding too naïve and optimistic. Tea Parties anyone?


I link below a perfect example of that debate in action. Remember none of this would have happened without the stubborn "Obstructionist" opposition. Next time I hear Boehner or Price or Cantor being attacked and called names, if I only smile to myself I will feel ashamed. If I stand up and watch their back, I may feel a little more justified in talking the talk. In asking people to do as I say, I will feel more content because I will have done as I say.


In this article Conrad a Democrat said the following
“Here’s the God’s truth. We are on a course that, under any construct, ... is absolutely unsustainable

The whole media thing too is really becoming obvious. I remember all the headlines when John McCain revolted on the Republican side against some of the Republican policies. Do you? The media put him up on a pedestal, they revered him as a maverick, as a man of integrity with the courage of his convictions. Those who were with him were painted in equally glowing terms. Remember the “Gang of 14”? This time the press is a little slower off the mark glorifying those “Maverick” Democrats that vote against the Liberal Leadership.

In other words, we cannot expect to get the benefit of Individual Freedom from putting up barriers to it for the sake of "Unity".

The benefit of stubbornness and the cost of "Unity" are the same thing. Individual Freedom.

It is by expressing our Individual Freedom that the common good is enhanced. Not by giving up our Individual Freedom by blindly falling in step for the sake of "Unity". A government that tries to muzzle the minority is not enhancing Individual Freedom; but trying to take it away.

Only when Individual Freedom is not muzzled does the word “Common” in the term "Common Good" take on a special meaning.

It’s true meaning.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's all in the Eyes

I couldn’t resist. This has nothing to do with my post.

My post is about who is in charge of the Democrat party, not about whether it’s facial hair or the eyes that belie obsession.

Whether it’s Reid, Pelosi, or Obama, all seem more than willing to let Rahm the attack dog loose.

Also they all are starting to look too busy putting out the message to remember what the message was? Do they even care what the election message was? In the following link to Politico the authors make the point that Obama and his allies are “tightening the reins” of control.
The new message perhaps should read “Ours is the way the only way, follow us; we are in control. Manson type of talk. Or maybe James Jones.

The following quote is common fare for the media.
On a variety of fronts in recent days, the Obama White House and some of its closest special-interest and think tank partners have embarked on a campaign to promote the president’s budget and the far-reaching ideological objectives embedded in it.

Please read further. This was an excellent article to me, as it delved below the murky surface of the Unity façade and I could begin to see the left wing and all the different groups and money forming up against the Republicans who dare have a differing opinion than the Democrats. This is not a joking matter. The kool aid is being mixed.

The Republican hope is twofold.

1. As Obama walks away from the Centrist “hands across the aisle” approach: the approach he called bipartisan during the campaign the voters will start to see the real story. As he tries to tighten control through heavy handed intimidation of Senators and Congressmen, he may also incur their disdain.
2. As he backs away from bipartisan efforts and attempts outright partisan attacks upon Republican minority opinions; his true agenda will become more apparent to more and more voters. The Historic nature of the recent election was a real thing. The first African American President was an inspiring thing. This coordinated attack is stripping bare the Liberal agenda for all to see. The naked ambition of power that is feeding it is becoming obvious to all. The American people aren’t stupid. All this heavy handed naked ambition will go to the credibility of the purpose of the agenda.

People are beginning to understand that Unity means something different now than what they thought it meant before. The term “Common Good” is also taking on a whole new meaning.

Both are being shown to be symptomatic to the regulation of and usurpation of our individual freedom for the “Common Good” and the Unity of our Country. Our country was founded not on Unity, and that the “Common Good” is better served by letting loose individual freedom. The idea that the freedom to pursue one’s own goals is the creative engine for the real “Common Good” is what this country was founded upon. Individual freedom is our bedrock.

Republicans now need not to overreact and come across as Liberals. We now only need to continually expose the actual deeds of the Liberals. No more, no less. Some Republicans still believe the average American if given the freedom to decide between differing opinions will in their wisdom choose rightly. We just need to present viable common sense options. What we as Republicans need to do is to stand up for our right to state our opinions and alternative solutions. Stand up for individual freedom. Stand up for our right to be heard on the issues of the day. Stand up for the curtailment of the excess’ of “Big” (government, union or business) that curtail our individual freedom. We need to stand up for that right whether it’s in University, church, union, or wherever.

We absolutely need also to give the voter candidates that they will be able to believe will carry out those same policies; candidates with sand that will keep the freedom of the people at the heart of the matter. We need candidates that will simply do that, because that is the only thing that matters. Individual Freedom.

That last paragraph gave me hope.

The DNC continues to try to brand Republicans as “the party of no.” But House Republicans say they plan to release a budget proposal of their own in the next few weeks, which could take the wind out of that attack.

John Boener in the House has been constantly on the Attack. He is doing all that he can to face this coming onslaught. I believe he is doing it in the right way. He has vented his frustration in how the Republicans are being cut out of the process. See top of side bar. He has constantly also provided an alternative solution. His “All of the Above” Energy solution is a case in point. He also, when not allowed to debate the issue showed his sand by not backing down and leading a minor revolt, I call the “Lights Out Revolt”, that lead to the cancellation of the “off shore drilling ban”. These acts of pointing out the obvious, backed up with concrete action are what the Republicans need to continue doing.

On my side bar under Old Standby Links, you can find Boehner’s as well as Mitch McConnell’s and other sites filled with information on the loyal opposition.

I truly do hope that last paragraph heralds a new attack backed by a common sense solution that Americans can truly unite behind.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, March 16, 2009

Audacity of Intimidation

Below is a link to the Washington Times exclusive on our own Rouge Elephant.
The Audacity of Hope has turned into the Audacity of Intimidation. Seemingly those in the middle without any principled grounding one way or the other are especially susceptible to that type of intimidation.

As to the credibility of the story and how important “Card Check” is to the unions, I’ll let the article speak for itself.

-----quote from article------
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President William M. George said he pledged Mr. Specter "all kinds of help from the union"……..snippet-----"We are pushing to give him help in the primary, including changing Democrats to Republicans for the primary," Mr. George told The Times. "It's hard to do because of other races in the state ... but we'll do it for 'card check.' "

America and its freedom are based upon the balance of power which is codified in our founding documents. We had liberals and conservatives back then. Most of them were real radicals. The “middle of the roaders” were sitting on the sidelines waiting to see which side won. The stakes were high and getting involved could mean risking your life.

Believe me; the ones sitting it out were just as knowledgeable of that fact as the signers. Surprisingly these radicals held respect for the ones sitting it out. It was for those that switched allegiance that they held the least respect.

With their lives on the line; these radicals from both sides realized that only through compromise and creating a constitution allowing; no, demanding it could they be able to drive this country towards independence.

I imagine in the back of their minds as they were carrying the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag they were thinking and hoping that their neighbors at least wouldn’t get in their way. They did not want more enemies.

To be fair to Sen. Specter, he has not committed to either side on this union issue. Se n. Spector is trying to assert his own personal freedom. I hope that he remembers that the personal freedom he is put into power to protect in our system is the freedom of the little guy. That is our freedom that he has been empowered by us to protect and to serve.

His past vote to pass the stimulus bill however showed a marked willingness to “get in their way”

It seems that in the nature of our system, arm twisting is part of the game. It is when it is being done by any “Big” special interest that it is harmful to our system. Big union or business or government for that matter. The cheapest way for “Big” anything to get its way is to rely on, stoke the fires of mob rule. In the process robbing freedom from that mob.

Business before it became “Big” allowed the little guy to follow his dreams. If he had a better product and the brains and ambition to push it, business allowed him to do that and the public would reward him. As business grew, they started to be cannibalistic and swallowed up the little guys. They became “Big”. They became corporate and faceless and “control less”.

Unions were formed to stop the practices and greed of these “Big” business’. They gave the little guy, some say in the game. The unions made business correct their freedom sapping ways. The working man and his condition in life were improved. Their freedoms were enhanced as they broke the power of “Big” business. The unions then got “Big”. As they became corporate and faceless and “control less”; they started to take back the little guy’s freedoms for themselves. Ironically, all of this is done in the name of getting the little guy freedom from “Big” business.

This whole “Card Check” issue is all about the individual members of Unions giving up their right to a secret and free election all in the name of Freedom. It seems like a power play by the “Big” Unions to break the “Big” business.

The only way in our system for the little guy to change things is through the ballot. I’m hoping we can bring back balance to government through the election process. Only through this way can the common sense ideas of the little guy be heard. The solutions currently being offered stink of what is in the best interest of a Corporate, faceless and “control less” “Big” union, business, and or labor. We as “just” people need to hang onto what power we have left. That is why I’m against any thing that smells of intimidation in or at the polling place.

The compromise between the greed and self serving of the “Big” unions and business must be maintained by the little guy. In our hearts we know when one side or the other is getting too big for their britches.

It is only through free and secret ballots that the true will of the people can be known. The radicals will vote as they will, but it is up to the common person to make the compromise. They can only do that in secret. Only in secret will the majority feel free enough to vote their heart.

By and large, we are a nation of fence sitters, and rightly so. Decisions are best made after there has been time enough to weigh the issues. The radicals give us the food for thought. The parameters of the compromise we must form. We do and rightly so enjoy the freedom to think for ourselves. To make that final decisions in the privacy of our own mind.

I repeat, if Sen. Specter is trying to assert his own personal freedom; I hope he remembers from whence he came. I hope that he remembers he was put in power through a system that was made to ensure he watch out for our freedom. I hope he remembers that his actions will help determine our freedom.

In our defense; we are also a nation that once we have had the freedom to come to a well thought out decision; we will act upon it with vigor and resolve as no other.

By God we do enjoy and fight for that freedom.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative