Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's all in the Eyes

I couldn’t resist. This has nothing to do with my post.

My post is about who is in charge of the Democrat party, not about whether it’s facial hair or the eyes that belie obsession.

Whether it’s Reid, Pelosi, or Obama, all seem more than willing to let Rahm the attack dog loose.

Also they all are starting to look too busy putting out the message to remember what the message was? Do they even care what the election message was? In the following link to Politico the authors make the point that Obama and his allies are “tightening the reins” of control.
The new message perhaps should read “Ours is the way the only way, follow us; we are in control. Manson type of talk. Or maybe James Jones.

The following quote is common fare for the media.
On a variety of fronts in recent days, the Obama White House and some of its closest special-interest and think tank partners have embarked on a campaign to promote the president’s budget and the far-reaching ideological objectives embedded in it.

Please read further. This was an excellent article to me, as it delved below the murky surface of the Unity façade and I could begin to see the left wing and all the different groups and money forming up against the Republicans who dare have a differing opinion than the Democrats. This is not a joking matter. The kool aid is being mixed.

The Republican hope is twofold.

1. As Obama walks away from the Centrist “hands across the aisle” approach: the approach he called bipartisan during the campaign the voters will start to see the real story. As he tries to tighten control through heavy handed intimidation of Senators and Congressmen, he may also incur their disdain.
2. As he backs away from bipartisan efforts and attempts outright partisan attacks upon Republican minority opinions; his true agenda will become more apparent to more and more voters. The Historic nature of the recent election was a real thing. The first African American President was an inspiring thing. This coordinated attack is stripping bare the Liberal agenda for all to see. The naked ambition of power that is feeding it is becoming obvious to all. The American people aren’t stupid. All this heavy handed naked ambition will go to the credibility of the purpose of the agenda.

People are beginning to understand that Unity means something different now than what they thought it meant before. The term “Common Good” is also taking on a whole new meaning.

Both are being shown to be symptomatic to the regulation of and usurpation of our individual freedom for the “Common Good” and the Unity of our Country. Our country was founded not on Unity, and that the “Common Good” is better served by letting loose individual freedom. The idea that the freedom to pursue one’s own goals is the creative engine for the real “Common Good” is what this country was founded upon. Individual freedom is our bedrock.

Republicans now need not to overreact and come across as Liberals. We now only need to continually expose the actual deeds of the Liberals. No more, no less. Some Republicans still believe the average American if given the freedom to decide between differing opinions will in their wisdom choose rightly. We just need to present viable common sense options. What we as Republicans need to do is to stand up for our right to state our opinions and alternative solutions. Stand up for individual freedom. Stand up for our right to be heard on the issues of the day. Stand up for the curtailment of the excess’ of “Big” (government, union or business) that curtail our individual freedom. We need to stand up for that right whether it’s in University, church, union, or wherever.

We absolutely need also to give the voter candidates that they will be able to believe will carry out those same policies; candidates with sand that will keep the freedom of the people at the heart of the matter. We need candidates that will simply do that, because that is the only thing that matters. Individual Freedom.

That last paragraph gave me hope.

The DNC continues to try to brand Republicans as “the party of no.” But House Republicans say they plan to release a budget proposal of their own in the next few weeks, which could take the wind out of that attack.

John Boener in the House has been constantly on the Attack. He is doing all that he can to face this coming onslaught. I believe he is doing it in the right way. He has vented his frustration in how the Republicans are being cut out of the process. See top of side bar. He has constantly also provided an alternative solution. His “All of the Above” Energy solution is a case in point. He also, when not allowed to debate the issue showed his sand by not backing down and leading a minor revolt, I call the “Lights Out Revolt”, that lead to the cancellation of the “off shore drilling ban”. These acts of pointing out the obvious, backed up with concrete action are what the Republicans need to continue doing.

On my side bar under Old Standby Links, you can find Boehner’s as well as Mitch McConnell’s and other sites filled with information on the loyal opposition.

I truly do hope that last paragraph heralds a new attack backed by a common sense solution that Americans can truly unite behind.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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