Friday, March 20, 2009

Asserting Our Beliefs

Below is a link from Politico talking about a difference of opinion Boehner and Cantor have. I’m not interested in the point of the article. I show this link simply to point out the constant behind the scenes effort the Dems are making at the local level.


In the quote below from the article, we see that a phone bank system of calling voters is being put in play through the network the Dems set up during the previous election.

-----quote from article-----
Meanwhile, an outside group targeting Republicans called constituents in a handful of GOP districts to warn them that their congressman was opposing legislation to recoup the bonuses because Cantor’s wife works for a bank that receives TARP funds

If my County Republican Party got a call from an outside group we sympathize with asking us to have our volunteers call our voter list with the phone banks we had set up during the last election; well we would have to ask what volunteers? What List? Where do we keep it? Phone Bank? Who’s paying?

While this may be a bit harsh it isn’t far from the truth. I’m sure County party is not alone in its lack of a volunteer base. I don’t point this out from spite, only a desire to try to change it. I also point this out when I see the Political Machine we are facing.


Mike Allen writing in Politico, points this out really well. This is a long 3 page read, but if you want to get a feeling of what Republicans are up against, then your time will be well spent reading the article.

We are being demonized as the party of No. What are we doing about it? We are scurrying around in all different directions trying to disprove it. The majority of American people think that Obama has gone too far; so why are we trying not to say no? We should change our image of a party that says no to a party that says HELL NO.

We should be gathering together voters who also don’t like what they see; voters who in one way or other are saying No to government. Or Enough is Enough! We did it before, the Dems did it to take down Bush. We can do it the way they did it. They first listened to the public outcry. Then they in small numbers started networking on the internet. Then some big money like Soros came in making expansion possible. We have had both the grass roots in the past and the money to back it. We are learning the technology.

These are all good things. As the Obama machine becomes more “top down”, the people on the bottom will start to realize that the organization is really not for them but for the Machine. They will feel expendable. They will start to lose interest. If we can get behind some core ideas will have the advantage of being more flexable and quicker to jump on things. IE take the offensive.

Examples are out there. The conservatives flexed some muscles and started networking on the Oil drilling thing. Newt came up with the slogan after listening to the unrest of the public over $4 a gallon gas prices. Spontaneous demonstrations came about. Little ones yes, but a lot of them. They were self directed and self run. These helped form the Republican answer to the offshore drilling ban and the whole idea that producing more oil was bad. We said Hell No, our party listened, Boehner and McConnell and the candidates took up the call. We had 1.5 million email signatures.

That was a bottom up type of thing. The Party did listen and for a change didn’t get in the way. We won that battle.

Now there have been literally hundreds of protests and all sorts of spontaneous networking of which this blog is trying to be a part of; all about the Bailout money. This latest eruption of unrest, has been these “Tea Party” protests which are not only about the way the bailout money is being spent. More than that they are about the different ways people see that the government is becoming all powerful at the expense of personal freedom. Go to the next one on April 15th nearest to you and read the different signs. They have one thing in common. Government is too big when they can take the money we make at will. The government is getting out of controll. We who fund it want more of a say in how it is spent.

The main fear is that this sacrifice of individual freedom is not for any real reason other than to increase government. People are not stupid. Nor are they non caring. When told that the problems of the world will be solved with their constant sacrifice, we did. In wars we gave lives, in peace we set up all the entitlement programs. Now as we look back at the last 60 years we wonder why those same problems haven’t gotten fixed yet. Now for a change we are starting to ask the right questions. What sacrifices have the beneficiaries of this largess (the government) made.

We give more and more money to education, are our students learning more? Is crime going down? Do we feel safer in our neighborhoods? Is this because we are not making enough financial sacrifices already? No. Hell NO. It is because the sacrifices we make are being wasted on ever increasing government for its own sake.

Are we left with a better life style? Do we have more money in our pocket? Are our jobs more secure? The only people that can answer yes to those last three are government employees.

Time to start gettin involved. Email or call your local party, demand that they find something for you to do. Shake them up, start doing something. Call, email friends.

Remember for success to happen it is not just the local party apparatus, but it is our own actions that determine the shape of that party.

If we claim that we are in the party of "Individual Freedom" then perhaps we should start to assert some of that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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