Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let's Win in 2012

How do Conservatives win in 2012 ???

How can the rudderless Republican Party hope to compete against a sitting President who is thoroughly backed by organized labor. The GOP once it strayed from its Conservative roots proved in the 2006 and 2008 elections that it is a miserable failure in picking candidates and organizing any kind of grass root support.

It has taken the Tea Party phenomenon to force the GOP off its “Big Government” high horse, at least somewhat. As we have seen in the Debt Ceiling Debate, Republicans were brought kicking and screaming to the Conservative table. To his credit Speaker Boehner finally saw the writing on the wall and got on board.

While there is little to crow about in the Debt Ceiling Deal for Conservatives, there seems plenty that is causing the Liberals to be screaming bloody murder. For me, for now that is enough. I’m more humble than Rush Limbaugh and will accept a victory if the Liberals give it to me.

With one half of the House vs. a hostile Senate and President I still think we did good in forcing the issue. Remember, without the Tea Party and the boat load of Freshmen Congressman we helped elect there would not have been this debate, much let alone a deal that even mentioned a balanced budget and claimed not to raise taxes.
If you doubt that; I give you the following link for a letter to Mi. Sen. Carl Lev in telling him not to back the Balanced Budget Amendment.
I give this link not for the liberal verbage but to show the vast array of government groups and unions arrayed against conservative ideas. Just look at how long that list is. These are the people that make up government that surround out lawmakers and lobby them every day. Not only that but if you think about it, what would it take to get a list of Conservative groups put together like this? We couldn’t, because we lack the central control, and leadership.

Richard Viguerie wrote this article to explain our current lack of Conservative leaders.
That is as it is and I have faith leadership will come along. For the Presidential race we will have to pick the best out of what we have. As far as the lack of organization we must continue to let that remain our strength. As Conservatives we realize that central control corrupts and eventually, for however good the reasons, removes the leadership further and further from the actual will of the people.

Well the headlong power grab and consolidation of power the Liberals attained after the 2008 election did just that to them; they became further and further removed from the American people. They in their arrogance became elitists and the American people understood and bridled at it, causing a spontaneous grass roots movement to be born called the Tea Party. The American people individually got together and said I Have Had Enough.

With no one talking for them except themselves, Americans across the country invaded politics with a vengeance. That pent up anger was released across this land in town hall meetings, in local and state protests and on the national level. With the advent of the New Media, America became a witness and a participant in that event.

I realize that the “Deal” will raise the debt ceiling. Only now it will do it in two “Tranches” with some strings. That deal is done, so I’m borrowing the term “Two Tranches”

I suggest that we raise the Government in two “Tranches”.

The first “Tranche” is a done deal, it was the 2010 election and the 2nd Tranche will be 2012. If we Conservatives focus on this election then this current group of Freshmen will not be Freshmen in 2012. They will be seasoned and they will be able to help the new batch of Conservative Freshmen. If we can add the Senate and the Presidency to that then our biggest problem will be not to fall into the trap of “Big Government” the liberals did and that will then be when the Tea Party will have it's job cut out holding the feet of Conservatives to the fire to offset that myriad of special interest groups that swarm the hive called The Beltway.

The Conservatives have gained the momentum and captured the dialogue, now is when we have to “Risk” a little unity and work at building coalitions so we can get down to the real work of taking the government off the backs of the American people.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative