Sunday, November 15, 2009

Once Again ?? Do We Have the Sac

Enough is enough!

That is what a majority of people in this country is saying about the government interference in their lives - In all aspects of their lives.

For the Republican Party to recapture the vision of America, it has to echo that feeling of, Enough is Enough. For America to recapture the leadership of the Free World once again, America has to lead and quit playing catch-up.

Playing catch-up -- A double edged sword??

Not if we let common sense be our guide. It’s as simple as that.

At the local level, the personal level – the keeping up with the Jones’ level – common sense tells us that it is ok if we use some common sense about the whole thing. This idea of emulating our neighbors is a common trait and probably springs from a basic survival technique. We see our neighbor with something that works for them and makes their life better, we want it too. In that regard we are using human nature to better ourselves.

We have certain God given instincts and rights, that is who we are. It is how we use those instincts that define us as a person and as a nation. At the neighbor level, the personal real life level; cause and effect snap us back to reality as we venture into the fantasy of buying what we can’t afford, financially, morally or physically. The bible talks of coveting your neighbor’s wife. The bank or the police talk of coveting his new car.

Go ahead with the new car if “common sense” and your bank statement say you can afford it; but not the wife. If you want to steal the car, or mess with your neighbor’s wife, you will find that both actions will affect who you are as a person. That change will also not allow the community you are a part of, to work as well either.

The same goes for nations.

The same should be applied on the international level as well. Our teacher reality, however at that level is not so quick, and common sense gets lost in the details. We seem in the midst of changing our form of government into a more socialized European model. Common sense should tell us through simply looking at the results of the European model why we shouldn’t do this.

If I saw my neighbor buy a new car then heard him later complaining endlessly about all the problems he was having with it and all the warranty issues etc. my covetousness would quickly turn to at least looking at another model. When I see all the problems Europe has had with their different brands of Socialism; I not only don’t want that model but I disdain the desire for the make as well.

On the other hand when another neighbor talks highly of his new car, I listen and try to see if he is telling the truth or just bragging. Hey nothing wrong with buying a new car, our Founding Fathers did. Their make of government was based on individual freedom; we were keeping up with other countries. Ancient Greece had it’s model, and France came up with their model, we came up with ours.

Continental Europe including Britain is in the throes of casting off their socialism. The British have had enough and it looks like the Conservatives across the pond will be swept into power under David Cameron. Spain and Germany also have recently elected conservative leaders in Sarkozy and Merkel. Those countries have tried the fantasy of socialism and found reality still comes into play no matter how many laws they pass to try to delay the inevitable. The bill is coming due and they cannot afford it. Fiscally or morally.

They too have tired of the Mantra of political correctness and the stifling effects it has upon the individual freedom all those countries have fought for and they have had enough.

In the link below French President Nicolas Sarkozy is taking on the Political Correctness crowd.


So which policy should we try to copy? I’m hearing our neighbor countries talking about all the grief they have had with the Socialist model, I look at history and look at all the other socialist models and only in fantasy do they work; in reality never. Gee I’m no genius but I’ll stick with Individual freedom for now. Maybe I’ll follow what Sarkozy is trying to do and copy that. Maybe I’ll just sit back and watch the American Tea brewing and reflect on how well our experiment has worked and try to then figure out a way to make it work even better. Maybe that and a lot of work is all it will take to let other countries look to us as the leader of Freedom in the world.

Once Again

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative