Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow!! I'm in Print. At least I think so.
If anyone is reading this, well---------good luck.
As you can probably see, I'm a novice at both writing and especially blogging.

My goal for doing this is to help me sort through my political thoughts on various subjects. Also I hope to learn how to better convey my thoughts to others in a more coherent way. Bounce my ideas off others and see what happens.

Alot of this will seem like I'm pontificating and I guess I am. I hope that my desire to actually take this towards doing something constructive will off set the negatives.

This will be a journey for me and I hope others will come along. Hopefully without sounding too grandiouse , we can enjoy the journey and later worry about the destination.

Here is just a taste.

Back in the day I used to be rebellious and fought the status quo, today I feel that in order to walk and talk the conservative line, one has to be a rebellious type. This to coin an old hippie phrase is the new counter culture. People who used to demonstrate were in the minority trying to right a wrong being done by the majority. Now however when people demonstrate, it is more like the majority beating down the minority. If 5 people get together at city hall and hold up a global warming sign, they'll make the news and it will be portrayed as a demonstration. Try holding up a sign saying global warming is not man made, that is a real dangerous and counter cultural thing to do.

Anyway enough for now. I have to learn how to post this.

Regards, Living Dangerously


Jim Riley said...

Great start!

Keep on bloggin'


Crack'd Writers said...

Have fun in the world of freedom.

live dangerously said...

Thanks guys for the encouragement.
Hope to learn alot.

Crack'd Writers said...

Go to Muskegon Chronicle, link on my blogspot and Dr Ofah is a whiz at computer stuff. Ask her if you need any help with anything. She's a good egg and helps anyone, even if she doesn't agree with a political view.

Good luck!!!!!