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What about the Fair Tax as written in HR 25 (See my side bar under research, US House bill tracker)and explained by Neil Boortz and John Lender with Rob Woodall.

I have been reading all I can on this good and bad, am buying the book today. Still can’t get my head around the details but so far I like it.

Before I start babbling on about, waxing philosophical as is my want. Here are some links I’ve used to get a feel for it. The last link to has a “webanar” just a long seminar by Boortz answering a lot of questions about the Fair Tax. Well worth the time if you want his full point of view.

You Tube Hannity and Fair Tax Authors.
A good place for source material and explanation.
The fair tax group at
Best book on fair tax. “Fair Tax The Truth” By Boortz+Lender See my side bar under Books. Below a link to Neil Bortzs’ web site.

Now my turn, it’ll be brief. One positive aspect that ties into my ideas of good government that no one has mentioned. How much time is spent in Congress by legislators coming up with those 11000 amendments to the tax bill Neil Boortz talked about? Also think of the transparency issue. There would be one giant bucket of money collected each year. Congress would then have to divide it up. This bucket of money would come from one source. It would be relatively easy to see coming in and out vs. the old way. Finally as you know I’m all about the “bottom up” method. Well at the end of the Webinar Boortz said that this was a “bottom up” campaign. Well it rang my bell.
He also said , and it goes along with my thoughts, for it to work the “bottom” has to do something.

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