Friday, June 20, 2008

"Bottom Up Politics" on a National Scale

First it was Newt, taking polls listening gathering information about what the public really thought. Putting it in his Platform for America. Then the surge in gas prices and the vast majority of the public wanting something to be done with it. Next Newt came up with the "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" petition drive idea and the public enthusiacally responded. Newt acting as the facilator for public opinion "bubbling up" from the "Bottom Up" and offering conservative solutions that common sense tells us will work. Then the House with Walberg then Westmorland then Boehner bouyed and strengthened by Newts Petition came on board. Now below I show what the Senate is doing to get on board.

As much as I tend to think the Senate Republicans and the leadership is way behind the times, I have to admit that Mitch McConnell the Republican leader in the Senate has been fighting a good fight against the tax everything energy plan the Democrat Senators tried to get through. (us old guys have to stick together) They put up a hell of a fight against the Warner Lieberman cap and trade Climate Tax Bill. The fight should by any measure should not have been as hard as it was. The bill would of put an immediate 50+ cents tax on a gallon of gas. It would of cost jobs. All it would of done is collect trillions for the government to spend as wisely as they have in the past. Should have been a no brainer. Well with the media help and the fear mongering by the left about dying Polar Bears it was a reasonably close thing and the Republicans had to do a lot of hustling. Still the Dems nearly got ½ of the vote of the senate to stop the filibuster. They needed 3/5, But the Senate republicans did stop the bill, I will give them the credit that’s due.
The real credit I’m giving is to the Democrats for the way they put their foot in their mouth with this outrageous bill when crying about how bad the economy was and that the people couldn’t afford to eat. The chutzpah of these guys. That’s Jewish, in my neighborhood we say, how stupid and how arrogant can these elite (m)*&&^&&(Fers)*(*^(*& Be? Libs in San Franciscan speak would say. Golly I guess the public couldn’t grasp the subtleties of the plan, they were probably clinging to tightly to their gas caps, and Halliburton made those gas caps so you can see that it‘s Bush‘s fault. Common sense mixed with reality I come away feeling sorry for the Stupid Bastards.

Gee that was fun. Watching someone get caught with their hand in the cookie jar is always fun. I guess I’d have to say they got caught blue handed.

The author of that article obviously didn’t see Newt coming and the Tsunami of the jump in gas price. None of us really did to the extent Newt did. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say none of us were able to act as well and quickly and with such reach to the situation as Newt did.
Environmentalists have always eyed 2009 as the real target year for enactment. But there was no show of strength this week and cap-and-trade may have reached its political high water mark. Conservatives at least are in a far stronger position now to demand major pro-growth tax cuts in exchange for new global warming taxes.
-- Stephen Moore
The whole “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” phenomenon kind of snuck up on us. Except for Newt. He started the whole process before the 2006 elections. Anyway, the Dems just as they were getting their foot back out Newt and the House and now with the Senate pushed in the other one. It is a good smack down still going on. Made me proud of the effort. It’s been awhile for that feeling, so if you think I‘m reaching forgive me. I think at worst I’m using creative optimism. Lol At best I’m seeing a rosy picture if we can keep our feet out of our mouths. The Democrats with the words from the radical left have fallen over those words and don’t know how to get up.

After the vote Mitch McConnell the Senate leader stays fired up the link is from June 6th.
Then he kept hitting them over and over applying the pressure. The Dems are on the ropes in the Senate too.
06/10/08 McConnell: Don’t Permanently Raise Taxes to Temporarily Cut Taxes
06/11/08 American Families Need Relief, Not More ‘Gradual Adjustment’ in the Price at the Pump
06/12/08 America Needs More Energy, Not a ‘Gradual Adjustment’ in Gas Prices
06/17/08 McConnell: We Need More American Energy Now
06/18/08 Support for $4 Gas Not a ‘Common View,’ McConnell Says
06/18/08 McConnell Calls on Congress to Increase American Energy Production
The above Prs can be found at Mitch’s web site.

Now we still need to apply enough extra pressure through the truth and common sense and an in your face way to get enough strength to form a bipartisan majority and get some actual drilling done. Perhaps when Newt presents his petition on the Fourth of July, with all our signatures on it, over 1 million strong. Maybe that will turn the tide. I feel the people are waking up and are ready to do the job and solve the energy process. The legislators are beginning to get worried. Man I’m begging write you Congressman and Senators. Write an editorial for your paper. Talk to your neighbors. Put a Drill Here Sign in your car. This might be the tipping point when we embrace doing something about the energy problem. Something concrete. When we make something work. If Americans can do that they will remember what it’s like to take control and we will be on our way. If we can do that as a country again, our party will again have learned how to facilitate the voice and will of the people through government into concrete action. That will be a beautiful thing to see. The Democrats and their constant drum beat of the sky is falling and fear mongering will wither on the vine. The good FDR Dems will remain. That is ok, that is as it should be.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

-----Link to Newt Drill Here Petition-----
The total was 1,012,000, while I slept some 35,000 people signed the petition. Now it’s around 1,047,000. I wasn't dreaming. All I can say is WOW

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