Thursday, July 17, 2008


This idea of mine to have a “ENERGY FREEDOM MARCH” (how do you like the new name?) about “DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, PAY LESS” is a way for me to try to show support for those in Congress who are trying to do just that. I feel that they are trying to buck the system. They could use some of our support. I hope this March will show some local support for the idea of expanded drilling. For the idea that the sooner we start drilling the sooner we will start to drive down the price. We need a break. We need to send a clear message to those raising the price (speculators and OPEC etc.) that we have had enough.

My idea of this effort is not to gather an army. I’m talking a few people (4-5) at the core to keep it going for one day, 10 people would be great. Then hopefully people driving by will get interested. I hope to have fliers to hand out that will inform them of what we are doing and why; but also telling them that we hope to have a rally the next day with more people and that it will be made known to the media. This Rally will happen only if enough people show some interest. If we have too small a turnout on Tuesday and few show interest for the next day's rally there will not be one.

What I want to see is a lot of others simply stopping by for an hour or so, picking up a sign and joining in with us. Anonymously is great. I will try to get some signs made up in advance, but as I say later a home made sign is as good or better. But either way is good. Remember the signs need to be read from the street. The sign big enough, but not so big so you can't carry it, the wording short, the letters HUGE. Example. DRILL NOW, FREEDOM/OPEC, ENERGY FREEDOM, HONK FOR/CHEAPER GAS, CONGRESS/DO SOMETHING. The / means the first part on top of the second part, allowing the letters to be bigger. If you are into graphics and want to help let me know. Time is short.

The overall goal is to put some local pressure on Congress to do something about our energy problems. Put that pressure on before they leave for their recess. We need to get something positive done NOW

By the Way. This is all legal, as long as we stay on the sidewalk. No one even needs to know your name. Or you can proudly exclaim it.

I do not want this to be a political party type of thing. This has to do with creating more American made energy here and now. Forcing us to become energy independent. Stopping us from having to give billions of our money to other countries many of whom dislike us and some of whom are our enemy. See my previous post showing the pew poll and how this idea has crossed party lines and has become an American idea. I’m just trying to provide a way for us citizens to voice our opinion in a way that could send a message to our legislators, who seem way too political right now.

While I admit to the part my ego plays in this, I have nothing to gain in any financial sense. Nor am I trying to gain recognition to gain something other than I believe in America as a Can Do type of Nation. If I can help us in any way to Become That again, then I would feel proud of that. That would carry my pride for a long time. Lol I hope others are also willing to that and for the same pay.

As I've said I'll have some signs, but feel free to make your own signs. Small enough to carry, with wording large enough to see from the street. This is meant to be a Grass Roots Apolitical “Action March”. A home made DRILL NOW sign in my opinion shows more heart than a pre made one. More Bottom Up if you will. Let’s try to keep the hate and politics out of this.

Again July 22nd from 9am - 5pm.

Well got to get to work. All my contact #s etc are below. Feel free to call. Or write or comment.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thank You.
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Anonymous said...

Look who's telling us to drill now:

live dangerously said...

Selleck's the man. Really liked him in Ike. What do you think of the "Energy Freedom March" idea. If you want to join let me know.
Thanks for the comment.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative