Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Strength, The Sum of the Parts

Our Strength. The Sum of the Parts

I think that it has become apparent over the last couple of years that the American people have come to the conclusion that we need Change. In 2006 the leadership and control of Congress has changed hands, the People voted to “Throw the Bums Out”. With the advent of a Pelosi and Reid led Congress it has also become apparent to the People that the Democrats have neither the ideas nor the leaders to bring about Actual Change. They have had their chance and not pulled it off.

The American People are neither stupid nor memory deficient. They know a good common sense idea when they see it. The point I want to make here is that the ideas, the concrete plan the leader or the party has is as important as their leadership. They are two different things. The synergy between them is what creates and defines great leadership. While Obama and Reagan gave uplifting speeches, Reagan had a concrete plan of action and his speeches were a means to that end. To gin up support not just for him but for his programs. When he gave a speech about cutting taxes for example he would state the case how his specific plan for cutting taxes would lead us to the uplifting vision he had for America. So far Obama has offered a pretty vague vision. Not backing it up with the concrete actions we need to take to accomplish it. That will probably work for him if McCain doesn’t offer an alternative. Lately however, McCain’s true strength has been popping out all over. He is defining what he represents, his plan of attack, and it is centered around Change. It is centered around the things that Obama only talks about. Government corruption. Earmarks. All of the perceived and corrupt things in Government. Anti Bigger Government. The speech announcing Governor Palin just brought out the difference between talking and doing something to effect change. About picking a Washington inside tough guy vs. an Outsider. Picking a status quo VP. representing the old Democrats vs. picking an “out of the box” person representing the New Republicans. A "Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work" kind of Republican.

Getting back to my idea of this being a classic “what not to do” election cycle for the Liberals. They have accomplished next to nothing with Congress in two years. The Democrats point to Bush and the Republicans as the reason for their inability to do nothing. It has become apparent to the People however that they just don’t know what to do to lead other than point fingers. The “Classic” part comes when they try to defend themselves by attacking Bush claiming that he has historic low poll numbers They seem to think the American People are ignorant of the fact that the Congress has even lower poll numbers. They are their own worst enemy. They are the majority they are the ones stopping the President from enacting his legislation. They are the ones who can’t come up with their own and push it through. Then they show for the world to see Bush’s poll numbers. What’s that about the pot calling the kettle black, or when you point your finger at someone else, three are pointing back at you.

This election is becoming a beautiful thing. A classic study in the difference between the two parties. Change is offered by both parties. One party talks of Change as some wonderful all encompassing mystical thing that will cure all our problems. We have seen for two years what that “Revival Tent” rhetoric without direction or leadership leads to. --- A “Do Nothing Congress” that at best tries to blame everything and everyone else for it’s short comings: or at worst, as we are finding out, will if given full reign pull this country apart.

Time after time in the last two years, when solutions to problems have been offered, Congress has showed it’s inability to do anything. The whole Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less effort highlighted the problem the Democrats have. They clamor for change but when it’s offered they pull it apart and say that it won’t work because it’s not theirs. It’s not big enough. It doesn’t solve all our problems. They fail however to put their own plan out there that would actually solve any problems. It is becoming clear what the effects of their lack of action and their blocking of action lead to. Their altruistic efforts have stopped any efforts to create any new answers. Prices are still rising , education is still crumbling, the economy is still crippled. You want a picture of failed Democratic policies. Look to Detroit and to Michigan. People can see this. They aren’t blind.

I’m glad they keep shooting themselves in the foot. The Republicans offer change and they ridicule it as not big enough, yet offer no alternative. When Pelosi shut down the US HOUSE and a committee because she was afraid of having a vote on the issue of energy the people knew what was happening. The Republicans have started to get some backbone and are keeping the issue alive.

McCain by picking Palin has set the Democrat leadership and Obama on it’s ear. This choice of Palin has put the Dems in a Catch-22 position. I am overjoyed by this. We truly have a conservative ticket. Palin highlights McCains conservative strong points. Together they show a unified front. They both have in the past proven they will reach across party lines. Something Obama hasn’t. Together they are larger than the sum of their parts. They have the ability to frame the debate by putting out the real issues and making them stick in the minds of the people by offering from experience a specific plan that can work.

In the Bloggospere the first retorts by the libs to tear her down were the exact things Obama has been hiding from. Lack of experience lack of foreign affairs knowledge. In fact Palin has more of both than Obama. I even heard that they’re saying in a bad way that her husband and a son are not registered Republicans. So much for their argument that the Republicans can’t reach across the isle.

I think you will see the attack on Palin soon steer away from the experience thing. Obama can’t take any more of the scrutiny and is just left with empty rhetoric. The people if allowed to choose will soon see and vote accordingly.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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