Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jackie Cushman Gingrich

I have discovered a new to me, gifted writer that I really enjoy. Her name is Jackie Cushman Gingrich. That is correct, she is Newt Gingrich’s daughter.

Her style of writing, if I may be so bold, reminds me of my other favorite writer, Peggy Noonan. While Peggy Noonan has the knack and skill to draw her own unique conclusions on major events and make me wonder why I didn’t think of that: Jackie Cushman Gingrich has the knack and skill to do the same on the ordinary happenings in her life. As a Conservative, I agree with the slant of each spin weaver.

While I give Peggy the edge in eloquence, political astuteness and savvy: I give Jackie acclamations for helping me frame my reactions to the occurrences of my everyday life in the sound common sense timber of Conservative ideals. She gives me pause to think about those occurrences. I also find in her writing thankfulness for that framework which shelters me during all times especially the worst of times.

Gingrich in the following link, tells us about her memories of Thanksgiving and what joy and wisdom it has given her over the years. She grounds the Holiday in facts from Washington and Lincoln. Giving us links to each but not bogging us down in historical lecturing; but rather the joys of left over turkey sandwiches. So far it is a nice personal piece , nicely written, warm with nostalgia. Spiced with history, invigorating my imagination.

Her uniqueness comes in her ability to trap the reader (at least me) into wondering just why during times of great struggle, deprivation and fear our leaders asked us to give thanks for what we had. To take a day from battling for survival to enjoy what we have.

She then closes it up beautifully answering that question. Not only that but by means of said turkey sandwich, we can still give thanks after Thanksgiving Day.

-----quote from article-----
By giving thanks for what we have, we will begin to be receptive and open, able to dream of what might be. This optimism will then give way to action and results.
This year, as you bite into your leftover turkey sandwich, give more thanks
Below is the link to her article in
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

2 comments: said...

What about Turducken? Can we have Turducken instead?


Anonymous said...

Just googled Turducken. Thought you were pulling my leg as I'd never heard of it. Once you get past the "turd" concept sounds delicious. I'm going to spend Thanksgiving with The Buie Clan or really the Jenkins family I'll bring that as an offering if I can find it.

Regards LD