Friday, December 5, 2008

Save The Children, Our Country, Ourselves

Re-brand This, YOU %##%% *&%&%

Having spent a good part of my life back in the day carousing then working my way up the bar scene from janitor through bouncer to manager; there is one thing I know.
When you get hit you hit back. Your image or brand will take care of itself. Those who don’t hit back are the ones who are always worrying about their brand, as well they should.

The Dems didn’t regain their position by trying to re-brand themselves. They didn’t sit down in front of their computers and type ad-nausea about how they needed to change their brand. How they had misbehaved. They knew from experience that was not the thing to do.

Instead, they re-branded us as evil child hating bigots. They didn’t worry much about their brand. What a waste of time that would be when instead they could be pointing out how terrible we were? Their brand would take care of itself.
What I’m talking about is who actually re-brands us. It’s the People in the end who decide. They decide by what we do. If we sit around sniveling and crying and feeling sorry for ourselves; even if we eloquently and (nobly in that condescending way) point out all the bad decisions we made and errors of judgment we made in the election and elsewhere--How The *?%#% is that going to convince people that we are leaders and that they should trust us?

What I’m trying to say is let us not lose sight of the fact that people (voters) do the re-branding based upon what we do.

Much like a steer with a brand. The meat from that steer will taste the same no matter how many brands we decide to burn into its hide. No matter how much the same old leadership decides to “re-brand” itself the meat is still the same. I hear it at the State and National Party level. The leaders have all of a sudden become tech savvy. The internet will save the day for us. With the internet the “grass roots” will flock to us. We needn’t actually go out and mingle with the masses of those “grass roots” or stoop to their “gut” level, by attacking the Dems and hurting our gentile sensibilities. If everyone buys a lap top then all will be merry. The donations -- donations -- donations -- donations -- will skyrocket. With that money we can generate more computer lists. So what of the fact we have no volunteers to make those calls, with our new found tech savvyness we can afford robocallers. Gee sounds like an echo from a couple previous elections. GEE HATE TO SHOUT.


We do not need to have beautiful award winning web sites designed by Cisco and a bucnh of tech savvy liberals. We need ugly web sites designed by us attacking the Dems. Those web sites have to give the People things they can do themselves to actually become a part of the solution to help correct what the Dems have done to us our children and our country.

We need to stir the pot to get an even boil, let the “bottom up” to keep it from getting burned on the bottom. Get the People (not some tofu PC sounding esoteric abstracted Grassroots) get them involved and invested so that they will be fighting to get “up”. Get the condescending wagon circling leadership back to the bottom where they can lick their wounds and make excuses in private because the People don’t care, and I for one am really getting sick and tired of hearing it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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