Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caught In Mid Thought

Caught in Mid Thought

As I looked through the news looking for some fresh outlook or something not already beaten to death; I saw an article by one of my favorites Thomas Sowell. His book “A Conflict of Visions” made sense out the political world for me. Therefore when I started reading his latest article, "Magic Numbers In Politics” I was content.

In the second paragraph he talks of the cash advance type of business found in my neck of the woods. I have listened to Dave Ramsey on the radio rail against these types of business’ as predators on the poor. I was gleefully getting ready to pile it on them. Then I - No now in mid thought I’ll link to the article so you may see my dilemma.


I had forgotten who I was reading. I had forgotten what he had written before. I had forgotten my core beliefs when I was confronted with familiar and comfortable thoughts.

Sure these business’ are predators in the sense that they give people what they want and make a profit; a huge profit at that, but as Thomas Sowell points out by comparison; when the government jumps in things only gets worse. Things get worse for the business they regulate and worse for the people the government is trying to help with that regulation.

The business fails (hooray I wanted to yell); but then the people are forced to use other means usually illegal and or with higher vig/s and harsher penalties.

Thomas Sowell’s book “A Conflict of Visions” had taught me that the reason regulation fails is that it assumes a perfect solution is possible, based on the logic that people are perfect; both wrong assumptions. As Thomas points out in his book that is not reality.

I knew this and I also knew that Dave Ramsey was not trying to regulate the Cash advance type of business’. Dave’s ministry is to help people learn the tools they need to be able to avoid that choice on their own with their own minds. To allow them to enjoy better the journey. He was trying to show them a way to work around the need being serviced by the Cash advance places. Dave Ramsey rails against credit cards as well but he doesn’t say they should be regulated out of business. Just said no to by an enlightened people.

As a conservative I have to keep in mind that it is not easy to practice what I preach, just more rewarding because of the tryinbg. Much as striving for perfection or pursuing happiness; we are better off by doing it even though the end results are impossible to achieve. EVER.

As a conservative I put the premium on the effort not achieving the end result. When I exercise I dream that I will look like some fantasy movie star; but I don’t fall to pieces or quit exercising because I happen to look in a mirror.

I helped another neighbor start a small garden for other neighbors to operate through a church. This will not cure world hunger, at best it will give some fresh veggies to a few and some nice flowers for all to look at. We were doing ok until the county health dept. stepped in. lol.

The government should not punish people or business for not achieving perfection. They should simply look in the mirror long and hard and realize that they are at their best when they at most try to keep the rules of the game of “striving and pursuing” fair and level. Keep the entry level jobs of life unregulated. Give us a chance to deserve the freedom we seek the old fashioned way, by earning it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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