Monday, September 21, 2009

Who and When? Trust your Instincts – Just Do It.

Who and When? Trust your Instincts – Just Do It.

If we don't that Big Hour Glass of Time will run out

Richard Viguerie, that old lion of the Conservative movement, during the recent March on DC, held a 5 hour training session for Tea Party leaders. The link below is a short snippet of some of what he said.


His analogy of the why the Jews had to wander for 40 years in the wilderness struck me as correct. The old leadership had to die of old age before new leadership could take over. With the advent of elections now it would seem we can vote out the old leadership and with the new media we can mobilize people like never before.

A tidbit I remember about Mr. Viguerie was that he started and made phone banking and networking a political tool. He won elections with that new (at the time) technology; the internet is right up his alley, at least he can see the possibilities.

I would like to talk now about why the 40 year benchmark is still viable. Republican and Democrat administrations seem to come and go according to the election cycle. That is true enough. What I’m talking about here is a cycle between Liberal and Conservative. That cycle is a lot longer. It is a cycle between Big government as the means to provide us with solutions, (ALL our solutions) vs. relying upon ourselves doing for ourselves. It is called the fight for freedom and the balance we need to strike with that freedom and what we need to give up in order to live among an ever bigger and denser population.

Some would claim that the push for Big Government has been in vogue ever since the New Deal. The people in general love it. Anymore all problems can be left on the doorstep of government and they gladly scoop them up and “solve” them.

It is my contention that, it has taken a generational memory of seeing the results of letting the ever larger government “solve” our problems; that has gotten the American people to this point. This point I’m talking about is that Americans instinctively now know that something has to be done – and done differently.

Whatever is done has to be done "generationaly" as well. The young and the old have to get together to solve this problem. The old have the wisdom and the the young have the energy and some new ideas. Both have to swallow a little humble pie to make it work.

I don’t know what it is that needs to change. I only have general and vague ideas; but that change is needed is apparent simply because vague and general ideas energize crowds that normally would be demanding specifics.

President Ronald Reagan put out vague and general ideas of his vision, of America as a beacon of hope for the world, and the greatness of the American people once unfettered and not hobbled by bureaucracy. The people bought it, at least until they were once again bribed away with government money.

Think about it.

How many voters owe some or their entire lively hood to government? The local, state and federal government employs a lot of people directly. How many more people get paid through working for companies that fulfill government contracts? How many more people live on government handouts or subsidies? Don’t forget the military and the military contractors. How about all the non-profits that operate completely or partially on government grants? Now with the auto industry and the financial system on the verge of government takeover; has the tipping point to socialism been reached?

I don’t think so. I at least pray that it hasn’t, or all my effort will be have been in vain. Also Viguerie used in his workshop a quote from Reagan. “If not now, when? If not you, who?”

It is easy to look at the Tsunami that the rush to Socialism looks like and think too black and white. It is easy in the face of that towering wave, to despair. How can we stop such a thing?

Why should I even try – “then who”? Why not wait till the wave crashes? Don’t do anything now – but “when”? It is up to me, it is up to all Americans. That collective generational memory that seems like instinct is telling us that now is the time and we are the ones.

Beyond that my only advice I lift from Nike, Just Do It.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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