Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leave Us Alone

According to Jim Meyers and an article he wrote for Newsmax. After it was decided by the inner circle of the Obama administration to go to war with Fox News and talk radio conservative icons; even some of the Democrats thought Obama had gone too far. These Dems in the media were saying that Obama had started acting “Nixonian”. Wow that ranks right up there on the liberal hate scale with being Bush like. Below is the quote from Meyer’s Newsmax article.

“That argument won out and ultimately what they did, they went after Fox, they went after some others in the press, and then they found out the press kind of joined in and said, 'Hey stop this. This is outrageous.' This is Nixonian actually was the argument that was made. And the White House has sort of backed off.”


That was telling me of a Bunker mentality, a disconnect; not only with the American People but with their base as well. The next thing I saw was an email from Washington News Alerts which seemed to back that up and show that there are indeed consequences for one’s actions, and that not even the President is above that law in a Democracy.


This alert backed up the conclusion I had reached around noon on election day.
From the New Jersey and Virginia larger than expected turnouts which resulted in Republican victories by larger than expected margins; I called Brown to win by 6 points. The other deciding factor was that Mass had an extremely high independent voter registration. 50% of the voters in fact were registered as Independents. I figured that a large turnout would be a turnout for change, and Brown was the candidate of change.

The point of writing this was to try to point out that I feel the voters were voting values, conservative values such as the values held by the new/old coalition from Citizens for Traditional Values and Americans for Prosperity, thru Right To Life, and the NRA and the Fair Tax people in short the Reagan coalition. That value is one of pride in the fact that individuals can govern their own life and in fact in our great American Experiment have the right to do just that. People crossed ideological lines to join in a group with different parameters. Those parameters were defined by values of Individual Responsibility and propelled through the idea of “We Have Had Enough, Leave Us Alone”.

The quote below from the link above gives a clue of that realignment.

“Meanwhile, in Ward 1, five registered Democrats stand on a street corner, two with Coakley signs, and three waving Brown signs. The men are catching up and sharing stories of past campaigns, when they all worked for the same candidates”

This was not “Nixonian” but rather refreshingly “Reaganesque”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS Old song lyric mangled by me. Good buddies enjoying Freedom.
"You say you want a coalition. Well ell you know. we all want to change your head."

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