Friday, February 5, 2010

Because of - Not In Spite of

What the Republican Party needs now is not that smarmy load of condescending crap being dished out by the Beltway political elites and spreadsheet gurus as evidenced by a recent article in Politico by Jonathan Martin.


The last paragraph on the last page sums up the thoughts of the author.

It’s still early, and Specter may lose his own primary, but Toomey is enjoying a 14-point lead, according to a new poll — seeming to prove that if they run disciplined campaigns that home in on issues that voters are concerned with, the conditions could be such that even candidates to the right of their state’s mainstream have a chance to win.

Anybody else see the condescension? What does “right of their mainstream” mean exactly? Does this mean that if I run a campaign to the right of the majority I have a chance to win? How does that work in a democracy anyway?

Maybe Mr. Martin should get out of his office at 1100 Wilson Blvd Arlington, (the beltway) VA to see where exactly the “Mainstream” is politically in the state of Pennsylvania. I think he will find they along with the rest of the country are right of center.

Does it also mean that Toomey with a 14% lead in the polls has a chance to win. I smell a “slant meister” at work here. Usually a factual account of the events would of said Toomey had a “chance” to win when he was 14% behind. Put it this way; if Toomey with a 14% lead has a chance to win what chance does Spector have?

The Senate race headline should read “Toomey 14% ahead of Spector” subtitled. “Spector has 3 times as much money, still has an outside chance”.

The rest of the article smacks of conclusions drawn based on tainted facts. The idea that those Republican’s meeting in Hawaii represents the “mainstream” is so ridiculous as to be laughable. They instead represent what people are so upset about. The same kind of exclusionary politics that they claim Pelosi, Reid and Obama are practicing.

I’ll finish this diatribe by saying to those professional politicos who try to marginalize and or manipulate that anger out there. Where would the Republican Party be without a Sarah Palin helping McCain get close in the last election? Where would they be now without the whole Tea Party thing?

For those of you still clinging to your Democrat lite thinking, where would your left of center Scott Brown be without his money bombs? That bomb would of been a dud without real grassroots help nationwide. Why do you think Rubio out raised Spector in the last quarter? Let me give you a clue - It wasn't the RNC.

If Republicans win big in 2010 it will be because the Tea Party has tapped into the mood of the people and decided to help the Republicans in spite of the Republican professionals trying to marginalize them. They are the ones who still have hope for the Republican party and the beliefs it stands for.

The article should of said Republicans will win in spite of the majority voting for them.

You figure it out.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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