Thursday, April 28, 2011

South Carolina Tea Party Groups stand tall.

I was frankly upset as I read the following article.
What upset me was that the Tea Party of SC had been a decisive factor in Amazon’s threatened pull out of moving a “hub” distribution warehouse facility to SC. As I read some of the comments trying to figure out why the Tea Partiers in SC would do that or even if they did I saw that others thought as I did. WTF was the SC Tea Parties doing, scaring away business.

Then I decided to start digging. The thing that got me thinking in the first place; why was the vote in the State House of South Carolina was so lopsided (71-41). Why would so many politicians vote against jobs, and the income which such a project would bring to the state?

As with most things in the news once you dig past the spin, the truth comes out. The SC Tea Partiers were fighting against the government “picking winners and losers” instead of letting free enterprise (you and me) do the picking. They were standing on a principle over financial issues. That is what leaders do.
In my State of Mi. the common argument is that if we don’t give “them” the tax breaks they will move somewhere else. I have always replied to that by saying that a line has to be drawn someplace by someone.

Well that someplace was SC and that someone was the SC Tea Partiers.

If Amazon really decides to locate its warehouse somewhere else, let’s say in my state of Mi. we should look at it not as the fault of the Tea Partiers in SC but a failure of the Tea Partiers in Mi. I use Mi as an example only because that is where I live and because I would share in the blame; it could be any other state – yours for example. The principle of “Not picking winners and losers” was not compromised in SC. As in war SC Tea Partiers deserve to be recognized above their peers for standing firm and I award them my own medal; The “Freedom Medal”.

So also in politics; people are hungering for candidates that actually stand for something and are willing to put their vote on the line.

I simply ask --- Are we ????

Am I ????

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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