Thursday, September 8, 2011

>>>Weiner Replacement Race Update

The race as to who will fill the disgraced Anthony Wiener’s seat in the NY 9th Congressional District is starting to turn in favor of Conservative Republican Bob Turner. As I have written earlier the race is and has not only been a referendum on Obama and the Left's anti-Jewishness but on their anti-Americanness as well.
The people have had enough and as they did in the special election in Mass. last time (Remember Scotty Brown???) they are rising up and starting a voter rebellion. No longer are they listening to the odds and the emasculated pundits. No longer are they listening to the pabulum of the Political Class. They are voting their minds and hearts.

They are remembering how to govern themselves.

As is evidenced by the Tea Party movement the people are reveling in this newly re-discovered unalienable right. They are learning how to take their pent up frustration with “Big Government” and are doing something constructive -- something positive about it.

"The Great American Experiment" that is America, was based on the simple idea that people can govern themselves. Scott Rasmussen wrote a book about that. That idea and the title of his book is "Self Governance"
That simple idea when merged with limited government and Free Enterprise run by our Constitution has unleashed the creative power of Americans to the marvel and envy of the rest of the world. There was and still is “American Exceptionalism”, but we need to be ever vigilant in protecting our individual freedoms which allow it to flourish; then go about doing the “good works” which is our responsibility – our part of the deal to secure it.

This benchmark race in NY’s 9th is winnable. If we can pull it off the panic on the Left will continue to increase and their true colors will come to the front for all Americans to see. People like Weiner and Hoffa and Franks and Waters et all will not be able to hide their venom and vile. It will get worse before it gets better.

But it will get better.

The American people aren’t as ignorant and stupid as the Left may think.

As long as the Constitution remains the law of the land, the American people have all the tools they need to restore “American Exceptionalism”. All we need to do is remember that we have the God given unalienable right to use those tools.

So get educated by yourself if you have to, or join with others who think the way you do.

It’s time to Get Busy and re-learn how to and start to govern ourselves.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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