Monday, October 7, 2013

George Will to Be on Fox

George Will on Fox

Fox news recently broke the news that they will be hiring respected writer et all,
 George Will.

Mr. Will in his latest article shows what he will bring to the table.

George Will has always been a refreshing voice of reason.  He actually delves into the facts of the matter and lets the facts lead him where they will and not pander to the rhetoric of the day.

This article above shows us the facts and explains what the motivation is behind the actions being taken without unduly taking sides.  Mr. Will then has the ability to state his opinion not as some God like decree relegating other opinions as unworthy but simply as his opinion.

That will be refreshing.

While I will love to see his brand of fact and reasoned opinion off set the rhetoric sometimes portrayed on Fox, It will be a shame for him not to be the conservative face on the Main Stream Media, he was so good at it.  That I believe is the where the most violent rhetoric is that needs to be off set. 

That after all is where the battle that counts will be fought.  In the Main Stream Media for the hearts and minds of the public.

When fighting for the hearts and minds of their congregation a preacher may win his congregation, but as Martin Luther showed, when you fight for the hearts and minds of the public, you can win a whole religion.

A fight within a church and the Devil wins.   A Fight by the church against the Devil and the Devil loses.

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