Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Can It Be ???

How Can It Be??
Hat tip to Joan at The World According To Me. First time I saw the Poll
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New Zogby poll shows McCain taking a 5 point lead over Obama.
How can it be that an old man, is ahead of the young man?
How can it be that the man claiming Change is falling behind.
Do people not want change?

I’ve blogged about how people are sick and tired of the status quo. About how they are willing to vote anyone in power out. I still believe that is true. The key word is anyone not which party
John McCain does not represent to the people the thing they want changed.
As I show below he is the change people long for.

The media in the past had glorified him for standing up to President Bush. The people that still listen to the MSM were bombarded with the idea that McCain is not Bush. The Democrats seem to have forgotten that and made a major mistake in wasting so much time and money trying to paint John McCain as a double for President Bush. So much wasted effort. People knew better.

The other mistake the Democrats are making is to make sure through the acts of their leadership, namely Pelosi and Reed that they are indeed the leaders of the status quo and are the ones who will go to any lengths to not let the People’s voice be heard. To stifle the opposition without even letting it make it’s case. From their Ivory Tower they have no idea how condescending and bureaucratic they look. How dictatorial they can be if given the chance. I think people are waking up to that fact.

From my point of view another mistake they made was to let the Blogoshpere of the right take the upper hand by hamstringing their counterparts in the MSM in at least putting up enough of a show of reporting the news to stay credible in the mind of the public.

The last mistake that the Democrats can’t seem to stop from doing is treating the average voter as too brain dead to see the writing on the wall. I guess it simply stems from the elitist Leaders not being able to see that writing themselves. Or at least admitting it.

The saddleback portrayal of McCain vs. Obama, showed for the first time the true character of the two Candidates.
The older, semi crippled white haired and balding one seemed far more sure of himself and confident in his answers, dare I say more energetic, than the younger bright looking “self-touted” vehicle of change who simply dithered about.

One seemed able to pick out change and was willing to do something about it. The other just waffled around till you were certain he didn’t really know what he wanted to say till you told him what it was. Talk about same old, same old. I knew who was the bum I wanted to throw out after watching that forum. I knew who the real Vehicle of Change was and who had the guts to attain it and it wasn’t Obama. He may be a nice kid and all but I prefer someone who can make a decision on the spot. Deal with it and move on.

Too bad it isn’t like in the early days of the Republic when the one with the 2nd # of votes would be made Vice President. Then President McCain could put Obama out front to look good and talk nice without saying anything while the real work of change was being done by John McCain.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

2 comments: said...

The polling is better than a kick in the head but expect Barack to be back in front this time next week by seven to nine points. There'll be a huge convention bump... one that'll dwarf McCain's convention bump if I'm guessing correctly.

By the second week of September, with all the pomp and circumstance out of the way, I figure we'll see Obama +5. That's my guess. Then it's just a matter of narrowing the gap one more time.


live dangerously said...

That is the common wisdom.

I'm just hoping some of the mystque of Obama has been wearing off as the election draws nearer. As people other than us political nuts really start to compare the two candidates, the diferences will become clearer to more people. McCain's job is to do more of the kind of thing like the Saddleback Civic Forum.
Time will tell, and as you alluded to the accumulative efforts on our part will close the gap. I prefer to think Obama will break even with his convention bump and if McCains convention shows a more likable alternative McCain's convention bump may put him over the top again.

I'm counting on all the pomp and circumstance to backfire.

Living Dangerously Because I'm Ever Hopeful.
Regards.Bob Carr
ps. In one of Clint Eastwood's movies he is fond of saying "I know things about people." Hope I do. lol