Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank You Ms. Pelosi

The Energy debate about whether to drill or not to drill is still out there.

I know in this day and age of the fifteen minute sound bite, it should of evaporated long ago. Other stories in the media jump up but can’t quite erase the “Pain at the Pump” people feel. No matter how some in the media hope for another story. I heard yesterday a news person say that there is still a short time in which tropical storm Fay could still turn into a Category One Hurricane. It didn’t, I can’t help but feel sorry for the media.

At some point it seems that the media will have to actually do some in depth reporting and investigating, about what is so stubbornly still going on. There is a “Shadow Government” ala Britain holding session. Every day they give testimony for one issue. The issue is energy independence.

In Michigan today Pete Hoekstra and Candice Miller spoke the following from the Darkened yet Sunlit Halls of our Nations Capital. (From House Republican Leaders John Boehner’s Blog)

It seems ironic to this blogger that only after Nancy Pelosi forced the Congress to
shutdown was there actually a civil and in-depth study of the energy issue. This issue has
probably been discussed more on the floor of the House than any other in recent memory.
I must with tongue in cheek thank Nancy Pelosi for giving the people this opportunity to
voice their opinions so freely. A big “Two Bottom Up” Award goes to her for her

Something about abhorring a vacuum???

The blogosphere and people in general have gotten it in gear. I even held a small protest at the County Building in my town. Various protests across the state and nation have spontaneously sprung up. Nearly 1.5 million people signed a petition to Drill Here Drill Now Pay Less. A Website called Dontgo was created and is going strong, just in response to Ms. Pelosi and her shutting down Congress.
There are already 30 some thousand signatures calling for Ms. Pelosi to reconvene Congress.

Don’t miss clicking on the “Media Lizzie” button in the link above.

Ms. Pelosi is a God send for the upcoming election. If this would have been handled in the normal fashion, this energy thing would have been commented on in glowing and inspiring rhetoric for a couple of days then stuck back in committee to die a quiet death. With Pelosi’s elitist and dictatorial antics, she has finally given us the straw that we will refuse to carry.

People have created this cause. Congressmen have flocked to this “people” cause. Some of the younger Republicans have jumped on board and for once it was nice to see the leadership jump with equal vigor as John Boehner’s web site above shows.

With 70% of the people in favor of drilling as the first step into getting out of this mess, the more time Pelosi will give us the better. The more she tries to shift the discussion to things she loves like impeaching Bush or the “Fairness Doctrine” the more people are seeing her true colors.

This election could very well hang on which party the People think will actually do something concrete about our energy independence, and which party they think is just full of nice sounding platitudes (read B.S.)

So what can we do?

Study the issue and the candidates.
Compare what they actually do vs. what they say.
Vote for the ones you think will actually do something constructive
Read, Study and Sign petitions that you agree with.
Make your voice heard.
Make it your job to think for yourself.
Then Do something

Above All

Live Dangerously and speak your mind.

Regards. Bob Carr

PS If you drive a school bus or are in the employ of a school check this link out.
What one lone person did
What another lone nut did (me, with some friends). There isn’t much to it. It’s simple actually to do something and harder to talk yourself out of it. Like Nike says Just Do It.

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