Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mitt, Newt and Revolution

Below is a link to an article by Kathryn Jean Lopez on In it she speaks of how she feels Mitt Romney has shown what she feels the Republican party needs. A reasoned alternative to Obama’s “universal government”.

She quotes Mitt Romney.
Our plans must have at least one common thread -- they must make America stronger. Better education strengthens our kids; better health care strengthens our citizens; and bringing our budget into balance strengthens our economy and preserves our future.

She uses that quote to show how with that undergirding; well thought out solutions based upon the idea that you are doing what is good for the country, can keep the Republicans from the need of stooping to bickering and the maniacal ego stroking politics we see in our party when lacking a vision we happily dine upon ourselves instead of our enemy. The media is part of that stroking process. Part of that trap.

The second part about education, health care and balancing budgets, tells us where we as a party need to focus our work so that we can come up with solutions that work. These are what the people care about, this is what makes us strong, this is how we can recommit ourselves to the community. To America. Through our vision of making America stronger.

Dick Armey had an interview on Newsmax television.
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I transcribed this. “When it’s about you, you lose. When it’s about America you win.”

Further on Dick Armey said. “If our people can get back up on the stage with a plan for America, with a notion of respect and admiration tor this great country and its heritage, and hopes for its future that are born out of that. (notion)” We will win. People will vote for that.

The interview talked of how Reagan kept petty politics out of the office. He said President Reagan wanted to talk Policy not Politics as President. Armey was contrasting Obama listening and scheming with Rahm Emmanuel (on company time) over how to get Rush Limbaugh.

I have blogged lately and for awhile about the British Conservatives and most recently about George Osborne’s speech. The thrust of that party has been to present workable concrete solutions that will help their country. The English are overwhelmingly listening. Polls are going the Conservative way in ever increasing numbers.

Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich and John Boehner et all know this because they did it in ‘94’. Reagan did also and they both were swept into power. That is the key. The other key that Armey, Gingrich, Boehner et all had was Carter and failed liberal policies.

Well at the reckless pace of Obama's plunge into socialism the American people will not need much of a nudge to have them see the similarities. If the economy doesn't get better and we continue to lose our personal freedoms; the public will not only be in a mood to nudge back, but get out the broom for a clean sweep.

We need to be ready as Reagan was, not by attack politics but by the integrity of his vision. As can be inferred by the Armey interview, Reagan kept to the vision and won reelection, the party didn’t and started losing ground.

Kathryn Jean Lopez, senses that is what the Party needs now, and that Mitt Romney is beginning to follow that path. Perhaps follow is the wrong word. He has always followed that path, but now after the recent election, the voters seem sick of personal attack politics and he may seem crisper and on point.

Times have changed since the last primary. Mitt has stayed the same but now his path seems new and bright. Seems like a fresh face. With proven workable ideas on fixing what is wrong, based on a vision of individual freedom from ever encroaching big government. Even during his losing bid last time, he never lost focus on what was important. For that I gained respect for him, and for the integrity of his beliefs. Others I'm sure did too.

Lopez in her article said the following.
Romney delivered specifics -- not partisan bickering, not quisling compromise, not frightened rhetoric, but an introduction to the straight-up nitty-gritty.
I whole heartily agree. I especially like the phrase “quisling compromise”. Quisling was after all the ultimate “go along to get along” kind of guy. Right along with Neville Chamberlin, history and the world has judged how wrong they had been. How they were hurting the very people they were claiming to help.

If you want to see some “nitty-gritty” see my last post about George Osborne the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Conservative Party in England.

The only thing he lacked was keeping the vision at the fore.

That will be Mitt Romney’s task. He must keep on the task of fixing problems with solutions while reminding us of our strength and leading us to our destiny.

While the media and the Democrats will try their hardest to sidetrack him and the country away from real solutions; we must focus on the vision. We must stay out of personal attack politics. As Armey said we need to talk policy not politics.

Reagan did it by his optimism. He made optimism part of the vision. That was his gift. Let us make it ours.

Mitt just needs to keep doing what he’s doing.

Maybe then we the public will have something other than the current “frightened rhetoric” and “Partisan bickering” to get behind.

I want to here of the good this country can do, and a plan to do it of which I can feel a part. I would vote for that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


RGeorgeDunn said...

The problem with the GOP leaders of yesterday is they are still in the slow slide of leading us into further socialism. The method of cutting taxes to stimulate the economy is but a temporary fix that actually does not work in the long run. Cutting spending is teh only way, except for one, creating jobs.

The only way we can create jobs is to change the tax structure. When we went from closed borders with a production tax to open borders changing our produciton tax to an excise tax on domsetic pmanufacturing we started losing jobs by the millions. We are now on the precept of losing the last major manufacturing, the auto industry. If we do not chang our tax structure to a consumption tax, we are going to be a sencond world nation under the umbrella of the EURO currency.

We need the Fair Tax Plan that has been created by some of the best minds in American and for 15 years has been tweeked to perfection ready for implementing on January 1, 2010 known as HR 25 in this congress and we need to also , now that e have collapsed this far into the abys, create a pay roll tax holiday for 6 months starting July 4th, 2009. Now that would fix everything.

live dangerously said...

I'm behind a Fair Tax. Seems the fairest of all. Too many upsides to count. Taking the "who to tax and how much" out of the hands of the Congress and back into the hands of the people is indeed one of the biggies.

Some place on my side bar I have something by David Cameron proclaiming the "No Unfunded Tax Cuts" which as you know means cutting spending.

The very reason it is a good idea for the country is why it will not succeed at least not yet. That reason is it is bad for the Congress.

Gone would be the auctioning off of tax breaks to special intrests. Congres will have to be force fed that one.

I got a spoon.
You hold open its mouth.

Thanks for the comment

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative