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How Much Free Money does it Take to Screw In an Economy?


Just posted a post and I ran across this. Wanted to break it here.

I’ve been blogging about the resurgent Conservative Party in England and across Europe but especially in England. See side bar “Update Across the Pond”. I blogged as the Conservatives were winning off year elections, picking up seats in previous “safe liberal” areas. We were doing the opposite. I became enthralled with David Cameron. See side bar. It was like the old Bizarro world of the comics. Everything seemed turned exactly upside down.

That was then and it is still true. The conservatives are still gaining in the polls and are clobbering the Liberals by larger and larger margins.

I’ve tried to understand why they were winning and we weren’t. A lot of reasons jumped out at me. The obvious was that on both sides of the ocean before our election different parties were in power. Both were failing to solve problems both seemed unable to do anything. So both countries were thinking of throwing the Bums out regardless of party. They threw out the Republicans here and are getting ready to throw the Liberals out there.

But as I looked deeper there were more differences. The English conservatives had their act together. They had a better infrastructure from which to showcase their wares. They had the “shadow government system”.

This is ideal. They got to pick who will be in the cabinet if the PM is elected. The “shadow Government” campaigns together. That way the people will be able to see what they are getting. The “shadow government” gets to make plans and tell the voters what their actual alternative solutions to problems are.

It was through this “shadow” system that today shadow chancellor George Osborne will make some astonishingly un politically correct remarks'
This is some good old school conservative stuff baby. While we in America are debating between how much free money it takes to screw in an economy, Osborne in England will be saying things like “People are going to have to "work hard and save hard" if Britain is to get out of the recession”
How about this quote?
"Our banking system is not separate from our economy, it is a reflection of it. Our banks hold a mirror up to the worst excesses of our society," he will say. "And the unsustainable debts in our banks are a reflection of unsustainable debts in our households, our companies and our Government."
How’s this?
The 'money for nothing' society has to end. The age of irresponsibility is over."
George Osborne will give this speech later today or tomorrow because as I write this it is 9:30pm Thurs. And in England it is Friday already and this news is less than an hour old. Some one got a transcript of the speech.

Boy I’d love to hear that speech.

If I can find a copy of it tomorrow I’ll post it. Probably on the side bar, or if it is that good maybe write a post about it.

Can you imagine the hell that the media would put an American Conservative Republican through if that was said here? They would be ridden out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered.

Why not in England? Well they have tried Socialism for a long time now and Brown and his liberals have been in power for ever. The English people are desperate for a chance to try something. Also with the built in “shadow government” system there is an accepted way to say such blasphemy.

Remember too they have the example of Ireland starring them in the face with a system that works.

That blashpemy couldn’t possibly work here.---could it?

Then again maybe such things need to be said by our leaders in this country. Maybe that is what will define our new leaders. Maybe leadership is truly based more upon what is said as how it is said.

Maybe people really are yearning for some substance behind the form. The English Conservatives are showing that it can work. We would do well to pay attention.

Before we dismiss it we should remember it was the Tory Thatcher who helped Reagan come to power. And if you remember it was Reagan who had all the media abuse piled upon him. But it was what Reagan said that mattered. The people allowed him to lead.

Wow. They grow em big over there.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

edit. 10;25pm Thurs. From Boehner's office. Reid failed to get cloture by one vote on the omnibus bill. Some one else just said no the free money. Holy Negatives Batman
Regards, LD

edit. 10am Fri. Here as promised is the copy of Osborne’s speech.
This is another link. This article discusses the speech.

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