Monday, August 17, 2009

Private Option put back in Canadian Health Care Debate

Private Option put back in Canadian Health Care Debate

Lifted this off of Drudge. It is an article by about Canada’s “public option” universal tax payer funded health care system and how it is imploding.


The article explains how the Canadian system as is any Ponzi scheme is not sustainable. The fact is as the article says the Canadian tax supported “Free” health care system is going broke. Which if left unchanged will lead to even higher taxes and even more rationing and above all longer wait lines.

Perhaps the headline should of read {Canada Considering “Private Option” to help rescue it’s “Public Option” health care system}.

The article went out of its way to make sure that the Public stayed in and the Private would be used just to help things run smoother to get the lines down and be a little more people friendly. That alone is a huge admission that Public read Government programs are hugely inefficient and definitely not user friendly. Also it further admits that the politicians will not give up taking credit for “saving your life” once granted without a fight.

In the article too, it mentions that Canada officials of their system had gone to other countries with socialized health care to get info on how to run theirs better. That kind of reminded me of Obama seeking out the financial advice of Michigan’s governor Jennifer Granholm on how to fix the National financial system. With Detroit and Michigan serving as the poster child for failed Liberal policies, I guess Obama wanted his plans to look good by comparison.

Ps. The Headline of Drudge today was a “white flag” symbolizing that the “public option” was taken off the board by the dems in the Health Care Debate.

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