Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tea Kettles singing, Town Halls are perking.

In a telephone Town hall Thursday I heard Sens. DeMint and Bachmann hint that they expected the Democrats to use Reconciliation to avoid a Republican filibuster in the Senate in order to be able to pass the Health Care Bill with a 51 vote majority. Arch Conservative Bauer said Republicans should shut down the Senate if that is the case.


For some background, this is a link to the history of the # of members of each House of Representatives by Party from the beginning of our country. This is an interesting link to look at.


If you notice the house has a breakdown of 178 Republican and 257 Democrat. That is a 79 vote margin. The Republicans would have to gain 40 seats to regain control.

Dave Eberhart writing for Newsmax wrote the following article, claiming that for Republicans now to gain 20 seats in the US House of Representatives is was but is not out of the question. Note, the view is from an article by Charlie Cook, editor and publisher of The Cook Political Report.


The reason for this gain in Eberhart’s article according to Cook is as follows.

-----quote from article-------
“All of this is happening against a backdrop of an economy that appears to be rebounding and a resurgent stock market underscores how much the President’s and his party’s legislative agenda have contributed to these poor poll numbers,” Cook concluded.

In other words the President and his party’s agenda has not been well received and as the Administration is running up against opposition from some of their own and most Republicans, the voters have started to make their opposition known as well.

I think it important to note that there has been an increasingly organized resistance to the new bigger government policies of this administration and that has been playing an increased roll in the poll numbers. Before there was plenty of angst but nowhere to direct it; now there is starting to be.

The new places are easy to join, they are people friendly. People can walk in with a homemade sign and join one of the hundreds of Health Care protests, Town Halls, or Congressional office impromptu meet and greets locally popping up all over. Activist training is being put forward and moved ahead. All this is usually free. They are going after the people knowing that the money will soon follow; a “Build It and They Will Come” business model. It’s working.

The Republican party and their heirarchy need to pick up on that model.

The continued unprecedented rise in the intrusiveness of the Federal Government into the live of free people is taking its toll on the trust people have for Big Government. People don’t see it as getting better only bigger.

The Newsmax article alludes to the idea that the public thinks the Democrats are out of control. By throwing one giant mindboggling program at the public after another without a break to even read or come up with a reasoned debate among reasonable people; this administration is proving to the public that they are indeed out of control.

Also and the point I’m making is that, by this continuous barrage they have given time for the genesis of a new type of grassroots opposition to form.

This has started with different groups on the right banding together to try to take advantage of the angst out there; and what were scattered small groups are reveling in their new found popularity and through that popularity they seem to be trying to live up to what they preach.

It is my opinion that for now 20 is a good number; but if the Republican Party can seriously and honestly get behind this thing then 20 will be on the low side. If a leader, or group of leaders of the party emerges that speaks to the heart of those out there trying to correct an overblown government like a Reagan did then 40 is within our grasp.

By God this time the people will know to keep the pressure on those newly elected to keep their word and the majority.

This may be a dream, but as I look back at the first link above, I see that bigger changes have happened. People like Eric Cantor and Haley Barbour see it happening, I know John Boehner does. Remember that the upcoming Governor elections in New Jersey and Virginia if won by the Republicans will help point the way to a new Republican Revolution.

With all that said, I also see ahead a lot of work needed to not only stop the Health Care Bill but to replace it with something that the people find agreeable. We need then to tackle the Cap and Trade fiasco and not only beat it but find something that works. Those things must satisfy the angst out there without raising taxes, or making government bigger or passing new regulations.

We need not give out more and more of our wealth to buy votes. The only thing the government needs to give out and the people take back is freedom.

Tea Kettles singing, Town Halls are perking and Revolution is brewing.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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