Friday, September 18, 2009

All About ACORN

Nothing like the smell of Roasted Nuts in the Fall

Breitbart started up “Big Hollywood” in his effort to bring the Republican and Conservative message and practice into the pop culture no matter what it took. He is a revolutionary that knows it takes hard work and sacrifice to succeed in politics and most other things. He understood the grip the left has on the mass media and the need to break that strangle hold that is brainwashing our youth and population in general.


Recently he has started up “Big Government” to do the same thing, but to government as well.


“Big Government” already is a Big Success. They have been breaking devasting news and videos on ACORN. Things are jumping.
This site is already becoming a hub for the anti Acorn fever, and Breitbart is partly responsible for the spread of that fever to the Halls of Congress; that has bicameraly defunded ACORN.

Breitbart has the goods at Big Government. He has the amendment itself, the roll call that lists the 75 Dems that voted for ACORN to keep getting tax payer’s money. Like I said they’ve broken stories on the Prostitution thing and ACORN along with a bunch of other corruption that seems so embedded in that nut of an organization.

Gee looks like this group will be the next victem to be thrown under the bus by Obama.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

ps. Along with Breitbart’s efforts to bring the info on ACORN to the forefront. Credit should be given to those in the Halls of Congress that have stepped up and done the deed.

Indeed --- So it has See the link below for the “Nutcracker Award” and who it is going to – House Minority Leader, John Boehner and others of his crew.


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