Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boehner for Speaker of the House -- ACORN DEFUNDED in the House

I just got a bumper sticker in the mail from Hous Minority Leader John Boehner that read. "STOP PELOSI" and under it " " What a hoot. I'm really starting to like this guy.

ACORN has been defunded

ACORN has been riddled with scandals. The Obama administration as it was giving out goodies after the election to those who helped it win the election such as the unions and other friends; ACORN ranked high on the list for their strong arm tactics and just plain election fraud in getting votes.

The House votes to defund ACORN.
From the front page of Newsmax


How could this have happened to the Apple of the Administration’s eye?

As I said it was their corruption, then the Census Bureau broke Omerta and courageously stood by the reputation of their bureau and said no to employing ACORN to take the upcoming census.
John Boehner then led the charge in an all out attack on ACORN in the US House.

400+ Congressmen voted for it and only 75 all Dems, voted against it. From those numbers it looks to me as if there were plenty of Dems who were looking for a reason to take down ACORN. Probably tired of being pushed around and enjoyed doing for a change what the rest of us conservatives have been doing right along; pushing back. Remember the Dems have a majority in the Congress. This was truly a bipartisan effort. Plenty of reaching across the aile to get rid of that particular corruption.

Here is Minority Leader Boehner’s PR about it


I think Maurine Dowd when thinking of the “liar guy” was mistaken in the voices she heard, they were the voices within her own liberal party whispering “we’re giving you what you deserve” – or was it “Pay Back’s a Bitch”

With her left side of the party going into the toilet; MS Pelosi is really getting into name calling, if it was up to her she probably would call up the National Guard to quell the protestors as they did in Ohio back in another failing Presidents term. I remember the song about 4 dead in O Hi O.


If anyone is inciting people to riot it is that bug eyed crone and her gang of misfits. The people are beginning to figure it out and the left is in a panic mode.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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