Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Breitbart at Big Hollywood then at Big Government along with PJTV and others have been pushing the idea that the battle between the “Conflict of Visions” (as represented by Conservatives and Liberals) needs to be fought by Conservatives on the Cultural side. Breitbart is talking pop culture. He is talking movies, music, tv, videos and all the stuff younger generations listen to and watch.

When those technologies are put together and you throw in some great investigative journalism you have those brilliant videos finaly putting the corruption of ACORN on the screen for all the world to see and there was retribution. The liberals did this from the Depression era on and it works. Breitbart has taken the first steps in the battle to fight the corruption of the Left.

The icon of the current pop culture is the movie industry which has turned almost exclusively Liberal from the 60’s on. Breitbart says as Conservatives we have the message; we win the arguments in dry professorial terms, but fail to close the deal with the public. We are losing it on the front of popular culture. He started Big Hollywood in response to this lack of ability of Conservatives to get our message out to the popular culture. If you don’t mind the pun; a picture is worth a thousand words.

On this site he highlights movies, actors, and directors that send a Conservative message or at least are neutral in the battle.

The movie “The Blind Side” I had missed but after Laura Ingrahm mentioned it on an O’Reily clip I checked into it and came up with this quote from Breitbart’s Big Hollywood in a review written by Pam Meister.

Conservatives whine and moan that Hollywood ignores them, so it’s important to support quality films like this that do make the cut. If films like “The Blind Side” make money, Hollywood will make more of them. The majority of Hollywoodites may lean ideologically to the left, but money always wins in the end.

That hit the nail on the head. Here is a link to the piece.


Another great site is PJTV


PJTV is a video driven site with 14 different “shows” that are relatively short. They go from the humorous to the serious; while maintaining a smart witty and easy not to mention fun to watch format. They put new shows up on a daily rotating basis.

AlfonZo is a hoot and Bill Whittle is everywhere throughout the set and sharp as a tac. Poliwood is the show that like Big Hollywood features movies of the Right.

We Conservatives have always had the deep thinkers with the Buckley’s and all the others that I love and study, but let’s face it we got nowhere until someone or some idea made it into the mainstream pop culture. Regan with his movie connection was already there. With the advent of the internet, there were plenty of wannabes like me to pump it full of content.

Breitbart and his ideas have opened it up to moving pictures. Lol. They are making our message fun to SEE again. Milton Freedman said "Underlying most arguements against free markets, is a lack of belief in freedom itself." Breitbart and the bunch can make that message of personal freedom striking and personal as the movies did for the Liberal Movement in the 60's to present. Reading and studying is great for some of us, but if you want to get the masses behind your ideas you need the new medias and pictures and sound and we need to make it fun. It is a liberating idea to realize that people want to listen and watch our message and that all we have to do is add a little spice to the mix. People like me realize you can make any dish palatable with enough hot sauce.

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